2020-2021 Snook ISD Instructional Preference Survey
Your input is extremely important to us as we prepare to welcome students back to school this fall. Snook ISD will open this fall with (1) on-campus instruction and (2) at-home instruction. Please take a moment to provide us with feedback as we plan for the 2020-2021 school year.
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How many students will you be enrolling at Snook ISD for the 2020-2021 school year? *
What grade levels will your children be in this year? *
Please indicate the level of concern you have for your student(s) regarding the following topics: *
Very Concerned
Somewhat Concerned
Not Concerned
Health & Safety
Academic Progress
Extracurricular Participation
Special Needs & Services
Social Interation
Snook ISD plans to have on-campus instruction and at-home instruction (both of which will have similar expectations for participation, grades, and attendance). If school were to open today, which option would you choose? *
What is the most important factor in considering whether to participate in On-Campus or At-Home Instruction in August? *
For At-Home Instruction, your child will need to have reliable internet access and a device with word processing and video conferencing capabilities (paper packets will NOT be available). Check all that apply, even if you plan on your child returning to campus for On-Campus Instruction. *
In the event you choose or we have to utilize At-Home Instruction for all students, will there be an adult available at home during the school day who can provide support and guidance? *
Many factors are important when reopening schools. Please indicate the importance of the following preventive measures as we move toward reopening this fall. *
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important
Enhanced cleaning during and after the school day
Reduced/Staggered transitions of students
Spaced seating in classrooms and the cafeteria for social distancing
Regularly scheduled hand-washing and the use of hand sanitizer
Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Procedures to ensure the safe transportation of students
Considering your experience with At-Home Instruction implemented during the Spring of 2020, please tell us your biggest concern for At-Home Instruction going into the Fall of 2020. (Optional)
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