BFMAF 2020: Audience Survey
Thank you for taking the time to complete the Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival audience survey. Many of the questions are required by key funders Arts Council England & the British Film Institute as they evaluate their support for small arts organisations such as our own.

Your opinions and feedback are vital for us in advocating and planning for the continued evolution of the Festival and the programmes we produce.

Thanks so much!
Part 1: Tell us about your experience at Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival 2020
1. To begin with, we'd love to hear about your own personal Festival experience and any highlights from the programme – particular qualities it has and what you think we're doing well? *
2. Did you attend the festival as a public audience member, industry delegate with accreditation or as part of the programme? *
3. Which parts of BFMAF 2020 programme did you attend? (Please tick all that apply) *
4. How many films did you watch during the Festival? *
5. Tell us about how you chose to watch the Festival? (Eg. on your own, with friends, at watching parties) *
6. How did you hear about BFMAF 2020? (Please tick all that apply) *
7. Have you attended an event run by Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival before? *
8. Which of the following describe your motivations for attending the Festival this year? (Please tick all that apply)
The categories below have been created by the Audience Agency as benchmarks for Arts Council England
9. Did the three week festival allow you to engage well with the programme? *
10. How would you rate the value for money of the Festival this year? (★ - very poor, ★★★★★ = very good) *
11. Would a higher ticket price have prevented you from accessing the Festival this year? *
12. Overall, how would you rate your experience of the Festival this year? (★ - very poor, ★★★★★ = very good) *
13. Please share any other comments, suggestions, or highlights from your 2020 Festival Experience:
14. Would you like to attend Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival in September 2021? *
Not at all
15. In beginning to plan our September 2021 Festival, we would be interested to know whether you feel that given the uncertainites caused by the COVID-19 pandemic it will be possible for you to attend exhibitions and screenings in Berwick next autumn? *
Not confident at all
Very confident
16. WIth this in mind, how do you imagine that the Festival can best take place in future years? *
Part 2: About you
In the words of our main supporter Arts Council England 'We want the diversity of audiences, leaders, producers and creators of arts and culture to reflect the diversity of contemporary England. We measure our progress by collecting, analysing and reporting on data relating to equality and diversity of the work, organisations and projects that we fund.'

The wording of the questions below is from a reporting template required by the British Film Institute's Audiences Fund. The Audiences Fund is BFMAF's second largest funder after Arts Council England.

All your responses on BFMAF's audience survey will remain completely anonymous and though we are very grateful if you can complete the questions as fully as possible, If there are any you’d rather not answer, please select “Prefer not to say".
1. Gender
2. Is your gender the same now as it was assigned at birth?
3. Age
4. Sexual Orientation
5. Do you identify as D/deaf, and/or do you consider yourself to have a disability or long-term health condition?
A disabled person under the Equality Act 2010 is described as anyone with ‘a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on his or her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities’. This definition can be broken down to help explain the meaning of disability.

♣ Physical impairment
(e.g. visual impairment, paralysis, heart disease and progressive conditions)
♣ Mental impairment
(Includes an impairment resulting from or consisting of a mental illness)
♣ Substantial
(The effect of the impairment on ability to carry out normal day to day activities)
♣ Long term
(Has, or is likely to last at least 12 months)
♣ Normal day to day activity
(Normal activity for most people and carried out on a regular basis)
6. Do you consider yourself to be from a disadvantaged background?
7. Religion / Belief
8. Ethnic Origin
The groups listed below are ethnic categories used in the 2011 Census, and form part of a reporting template required by the Bristish Film Institute.

Choose ONE section from A to F, then tick the appropriate box to indicate your cultural background.
A. Asian/ Asian British
Clear selection
B. Black / African / Caribbean / Black British
Clear selection
C. Mixed / Multiple ethnic groups
Clear selection
D. White
Clear selection
E. Other ethnic group
Clear selection
Clear selection
9. Region of Residence
If outside of the UK, which country are you based in?
Part 3: Our funders are keen to understand how audiences are engaging with arts and culture online more broadly and looking to the future how these can be experienced in new ways. The following questions come from our funders.
A. The British Film Institute would like to know if you have tried any of the following immersive experiences in the last six months?
1. Enhanced filters (e.g. Snapchat, Instagram) *
2. Immersive environments (e.g. escape rooms) *
3. Virtual tours (e.g. galleries, heritage sites, city tours) *
4. 360 degrees film or immersive video (viewer controlled camera direction or dome projections) *
5. Immersive Theatre (e.g. Punchdrunk Theatre) *
6. Virtual Reality (e.g. games on Sony PlayStation, HTC Vive) *
7. Augmented Reality (Pokémon Go, in-camera Google Translate) *
8. Mixed Reality (Hololens, Magic Leap) *
B. Thinking about your engagement with arts and culture online during the COVID-19 crisis, Arts Council England would like to know to what extent would you agree or disagree with the following statements? (Please give one rating for each item)
1. I have discovered new forms of arts and culture online *
2. The types of art and cultural content that I am viewing online is similar to what I would normally see in person *
3. I am viewing more online arts and cultural content now than I did before the COVID-19 crisis *
4. I am engaging with arts and culture onlineto reduce feelings of stress and anxiety *
5. I am engaging with arts and culture online to boost my mood *
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