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Use this form to request a rental from CompassTools. Once your request is approved, we will contact you with a rental contract and payment information. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Rental Details
If you have questions about what you should be renting for your specific project or accuracy spec, we would be happy to help you decide - just call us!

There are no penalties for keeping a device longer than the return date. We do ask that if you need to extend a rental, that you let us know.

Devices with SIM card capability do not automatically come with a SIM card. SIM cards are rented separately under "Accessories".

Geo 7x rentals do not automatically come with the rangefinder module. If you would like to rent a laser rangefinder with your 7x, please add it on an extra line item.

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Please remember our 12:00pm charge cut-off time!
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Please call if you need to extend your rental period.
Hardware Details
Please specify which hardware you will be using for your project. Please select one one item per line and add a quantity.
Mapping Grade Equipment Rentals
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Software Details
Please specify which collection software you will be using for your project. Most programs are included in the rental price.
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Post Processing Options
How do you intend to post-process your collection data? *
Do you need any real-time correction sources? *
If you are using your own Pathfinder Office to post-process, which version are you running?
We need to know this information so that we load a compatible version of the collection software on your device.
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Do you need a 2 week demo of Pathfinder Office?
Do you need to be trained how to use any equipment?
Hardware and technical support is included. If you need training, we will contact you to set up a time. The standard rate of $150/hr applies.
Purpose of Rental?
Additional Questions or Comments?
Please provide any information that will allow us to better serve your rental needs.
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Terms and Conditions *
Please agree to the rental Terms and Conditions. All units are either shipped over night to be delivered in the morning on the day you have reserved (early am by request), couriered over (if destination is in the Denver Metro area), or picked up (upon request). If morning delivery is not available to the requested destination then the notes section of the above agreement will state that. The shipping & handling charges will be added to the contract as well as the invoice for all rental and demo/evaluation invoices. The contract begins the day you receive the unit and ends the day the unit is returned to our office. If you are shipping the unit back, you may ship however you like at your expense (i.e. ground, second day, over night) but the contract does not end until the unit is in our office. If you would like to return the unit personally or via courier, you are welcome to do so. All units are sent from and are to be returned to the CompassTools corporate office located at 7074 S. Revere Pkwy. Centennial, CO 80112. The contract will end the previous day if the unit is returned before noon, or the current day if the unit is returned after noon. If this is a demo/evaluation agreement the undersigned agrees to return the unit to the CompassTools corporate office by the contract end date otherwise the rental prices stated above will begin to be incurred. There are no charges or penalties for early returns on any type of agreement. The contract end date on a rental agreement is an estimate based on the undersigned’s request. If the unit is out past the contract end date then the contract will be extended at the above pricing without additional notice. The contract end date on a demo/evaluation agreement is a date given by your sales representative or rental manager. If additional time is needed without charges 24 hours advanced notice is to be given to your sales rep or rental manager and they must approve the additional time in order for rental charges to not be incurred. All units come pre-loaded with the requested software. We offer ArcGIS Mobile for Windows Mobile, TerraSync, ArcPad, GPScorrect, and/or Trimble Positions. 2-week evaluation copies of Pathfinder Office are available free of charge upon request. All units come equipped with the necessary accessories (i.e. carry case, USB data transfer cable, wall charger, etc.). Additional accessories are also available (i.e. vehicle chargers, antennas, poles, etc. – additional charges may apply). Older versions of software requested may incur additional charges. If the unit mal-functions during your rental or demo/evaluation, please call us immediately! We can provide technical support over the phone or send a replacement unit next day. Training is not included with your rental or demo/evaluation. CompassTools will provide hardware technical support during the period of the contract. The renter and user are presumed to be skilled in the use of the equipment and software requested and/or listed in the above contract. 10 minutes of training support will be given free of charge with your rental or demo/evaluation however; after 10 minutes a discounted fee of $120.00 per hour for rental customers and $150.00 per hour for demo/evaluation customers will be incurred. Formal training is available from CompassTools for all clientele. Rental customers receive a discounted rate of $650.00 per class. Demo/evaluation customers receive training classes for $795.00 per class. Please contact your sales representative or rental manager for more details. CompassTools does not store any data. Once the unit is received by the CompassTools corporate office any data loaded onto the unit is cleared off and destroyed. If you would like CompassTools to post process or store your data for any purpose you must contact your rental manager in writing at prior to the return. The hourly rates listed above will be charged for any data handling needs (i.e. post processing). A USB device with software user guides are included in your rental, free of charge, and is to be returned with your equipment. Please note that not all software is compatible with one another. It is the responsibility of the undersigned to check the software compatibility. If data was collected incorrectly or there are software compatibility issues and the assistance on CompassTools is needed to resolve then the above training support fees will be incurred. The above equipment is being delivered for rental or demo/evaluation purposes for the period stated above. Upon receipt of this equipment the undersigned assumes all responsibility for the retail replacement cost of the equipment including all accessories; due to damages, loss or theft until the unit has been returned to the CompassTools corporate office. If the rental or demo/evaluation is returned with anything missing the undersigned will be charged the retail replacement cost. If the equipment is returned with any damages our Trimble Certified Repair lab will inspect the unit and determine the cause. If the cause of the damages deemed user error and/or mistreatment the undersigned will be charged for the full retail cost of the damages or replacement as CompassTools sees fit. The undersigned agrees to provide credit card information, which is just a holding place while you have the equipment and while it is in route back to the CompassTools corporate office. The card will not be charged unless there are damages, loss, or theft to the unit or any accessories that cannot be recovered by our invoice process though our accounts receivable department. Once the unit has been returned and cleared of recuperation costs the card information is destroyed and you will be invoiced for any charges incurred. Rental contracts are billed at the end of the rental period; or if you are planning on having the unit for multiple months, invoices will be sent once a month around the day your contract begins. The final invoice will be sent out after the unit is returned and will include any applicable shipping and handling charges as well as any applicable equipment replacement/repair costs of unit or accessories. Any applicable replacement or repair costs to equipment submitted to the Certified Trimble Repair Lab may be invoiced with the rental or demo/evaluation charges or separately at the discretion of CompassTools.
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