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McCourt Policy in Practice (MPiP) is a student-led organization at the McCourt School that allows members to engage in an ongoing policy-learning experience. Formerly known as Project Honduras, MPiP provides students of the McCourt School with the opportunity to partner with local communities and nonprofit organizations in developing countries to use rigorous policy tools in designing, implementing, and evaluating sustainable, evidence-based development projects that address identified needs.

If you are interested in contributing to MPiP's development projects in the Dominican Republic, please follow the two steps shown below to submit a complete application for membership.

Step 1) Fill out the application form below

Step 2) Submit your resume to
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Why do you want to be a member of McCourt Policy in Practice? *
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Spanish language fluency *
Spanish skills are an advantage but not necessary. Please choose the option below that best describes your Spanish skills:
Optional: Please indicate if you are interested in applying for either of the following leadership positions.
You will be mentored by a second year and will be expected to take over the position in your second year.
If you expressed interest in any of the positions above, please tell us WHY you feel that you are qualified to serve in the position.
Optional: Is there anything else you would like to tell us? For example, international development related experience, etc.
Please provide details if not already included in your resume.
What is your weekly availability for MPiP group meetings? *
We like our members to have 2 to 4 hours of availability per week.
Please enter your name below if you agree with the following statement. *
By electronically signing below, I acknowledge and understand that if I am accepted to the program, I commit to McCourt Policy in Practice my time, my expertise, and my funds,if necessary (plane tickets and meals, approximately $1000). This acceptance runs from September 2016 to May 2017 if I am graduating and until May 2018 if I am a continuing student.
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