JVP Academic Letter in Support of Angela Davis
Jewish Voice for Peace calls on the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute to rescind their cancellation of the Fred Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award intended for Professor Angela Davis.

Angela Davis is a tireless advocate for the human rights of all people, a leading civil rights activist and a renowned scholar. She is eminently qualified to receive the Fred Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award.

The cancelling of this award by the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is unjust, insulting and ill-conceived, especially because it is likely premised on Professor Davis’ long-standing support for Palestinian human rights. The decision seems to stem from a misinformed view that to advocate for Palestinian human rights is somehow offensive to the Jewish community.

As a Jewish organization dedicated to justice, dignity and equality for all people in Palestine/Israel, we share Professor Davis’ visionary commitment to the “indivisibility of justice,” and believe we are all responsible for pursuing social justice for all human beings, without exception—which includes pursuing social justice for Palestinians.

Professor Davis’s activist and scholarly life epitomizes the spirit and intention of this award and we call upon the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute to honor Professor Davis for the totality of her work.

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Rabab Abdulhadi Director and Senior Scholar Arab and Muslim Ethicities and Diasporas Studies San Francisco State University

Quaiser Abdullah Assistant Professor Communication and Social Influence Temple University

Brandon Absher Assistant Professor Philosophy D'Youville College

Zaid Adhami Assistant Professor Religion Williams College

Roberta Ahlquist Professor Teacher Education San Jose State University

Aijaz Ahmad Distinguished Professor Comparative Literature University of California, Irvine

Neel Ahuja Associate Professor Feminist Studies UC-Santa Cruz (USA)

Judith Aissen Professor Emerita Linguistics UC Santa Cruz

Judith Aissen Professor Emerita Linguistics UC Santa Cruz

Ania Aizman Assistant Professor Slavic Department University of Michigan

Denis Alain Retraité education national france mathematiques Grenoble

Ammiel Alcalay Professor Classical, Middle Eastern & Asian Languages & Cultures Queens College, CUNY

Jeffery Allen Professor of Creative Writing ENGLISH University of Virginia

Rebecca Alpert Professor Religion Temple University

Richard Appelbaum Professor Emeritus Sociology, Global Studies UCSB

Sofya Aptekar Assistant Professor Sociology UMass Boston

Bettina Aptheker Distinguished Professor Emerita, Feminist Studies, UCSC Feminist Studies University of California, Santa Cruz

John Archer Professor English New York University

Gabriela Arguedas-Ramírez Associate Professor Escuela de Filosofía. Maestría en Estudios de las Mujeres, Géneros y Sexualidades Universidad de Costa Rica

Elisabeth Armstrong Professor Program for the Study of Women and Gender Smith College

Kiran Asher Professor Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Neda Atanasoski Professor Feminist Studies, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies UC Santa Cruz

Elsa Auerbach Professor Emerita English University of Massachusetts Boston

David Auerbach Emeritus Philosophy & Religious Studies NCSU

Elsa Auerbach Professor Emerita English University of Massachusetts Boston

Joseph Auslander Professor Emeritus Mathematics University of Maryland

Arlene Avakian Professor Emeritus Women, Gender, Sexuality University of Massachusetts Amherst

Sandra Azeredo Professor Department of Psyhchology Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Sruti Bala Associate Professor Theatre Studies University of Amsterdam

David Ball Professor Emeritus of French and Comparative Literature French Smith College

Benjamin Balthaser Associate Professor English Indiana University, South Bend

Carolina Bank Muñoz Professer Sociology Brooklyn College

Karen Barad Professor Feminist Studies UCSC

Joanne Barker Professor American Indian Studies San Francisco State University

Ian Barnard Professor of Rhetoric and Composition English Chapman University

Karen Bassi Professor Literature University of California at Santa Cruz

Sahar Bazzaz Orifessor History College of the Holy Criss

Adam Becker Professor Classics/Religious Studies New York University

Gordon Beeferman Adjunct Professor Music New York University College of Arts and Sciences

Joel Beinin Donald J. McLachlan Professor of History, Emeritus History Stanford University

Anna Bellisari Professor Emerita Sociology & Anthropology Wright State University

Yael Ben-zvi Senior lecturer Foreign Literatures and Lingiustics Ben-Gurion University

Aaron Berman Professor of History School of Critical Social Inquiry Hampshire College

Susan Bernardin Director School of Language, Culture, & Society Oregon State University

Apryl Berney Adjunct Professor Sociology & Interdisciplinary Social Sciences San Jose State University

Hélène Bilis Associate Professor of French French Wellesley College

Michelle Billies Professor, Critical Social Psychology Behavioral Science and Human Services City University of New York

Cyrus Bina Distinguished Research Professor of Economics Division of Social Sciences University of Minnesota

Elizabeth Bishop Core U.S. Fulbright Program College of Modern Languages, College of Law and Political Science Université d'Oran (Algeria)

Benay Blend Professor Emeritus retired--American Studies Central NM Community College

Anne Bluethenthal Associate Professor MFA Creative Inquiry California Institute of Integral Studies

Nigel Bolland Emeritus Professor Sociology and Caribbean Studies Colgate University

Marilyn Booth Khalid bin Abdallah Al Saud Professor for the Study of the Contemporary Arab World Faculty of Oriental Studies University of Oxford

Karen Booth Associate Professor Women’s and Gender Studies University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Hagit Borer Professor of Linguistics, Fellow of the British Academy Linguistics Queen Mary University of London

Steven Botticelli Adjunct Clinical Professor Psychology NYU

Alima BOUMEDIENE THIERY DOCTEUR - Avocate droit sciences politiques économiques Nanterre

Daniel Boyarin Professor of Talmudic Culture NES, Rhetoric UC Berkeley

Sarah Bracke Associate Professor of Sociology of Gender and Sexuality Sociology University of Amsterdam

Naomi Braine Professor Sociology Brooklyn College, City University of NY

Lundy Braun Professor Africana Studies/Pathology &Lab Med Brown University

Johanna Brenner Professor Emerita Sociology Portland State University

Stephen Brier Professor PhD Program in Urban Education CUNY Graduate Center

Lisa Brock Academic Director and Acting Executive Director Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership Kalamazoo College

Karen Brodkin Professor Emerita Anthropology University of California Los Angeles

Bernadette Brooten Robert and Myra Kraft and Jacob Hiatt Professor of Christian Studies Near Eastern and Judaic Studies Brandeis University


Wendy Brown Class of 1936 First Chair Political Science UC Berkeley

Rachel Brown Assistant Professor Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Washington University in St. Louis

Gordon Brubacher Resident Ass't Prof. of Scripture Theology Creighton U.

Rachel Ida Buff Professor History & Comparative Ethnic Studies University of Wisconsin-Milwaukeera

Charlotte Bunch Distinguished Professor Women’s & Gender studies Rutgers University, New Jersey

Judith Butler Maxine Elliot Professor, UC Berkeley Comparative Literature UC Berkeley

Charles Butterworth Emeritus Professor Dept. of Government & Politics University of Maryland

Edith Cabordery student International Solidarity Bordeaux Montaigne

Julie Carlson Professor English UC Santa Barbara

Jeffrey Carlson Postdoctoral fellow Mathematics University of Toronto

Charles Carter Professor Religion Seton Hall University

Claudia Castaneda Sr Scholar in Residence Interdisciplinary Studies Emerson College

Jane Cauvel Professor Emerita Philosophy The Colorado College

Paula Chakravartty Associate Professor MCC and the Gallatin School NYU

David B. Chandler Professor mathematics Widener University

Wendy Chapkis Professor Sociology University of Southern Maine

Alexandra Chasin Associate Professor Literary Studies Lang College, The New School

Barbara Chasin Professor Emerita Sociology Montclair State University

Deborah Chassler Senior Academic Researcher Boston University School of Social Work Boston University

Mike Chavez Assistant Professor Sociology Long Beach State University

Matthew Chew Instructor School of Life Sciences Arizona State University

Eric Cheyfitz Ernest I. White Professor of American Studies and Humane Letters English Cornell

Eric Cheyfitz Ernest I. White Professor of American Studies and Humane Letters English Cornell

Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum Professor Emerita Women’s Spiratuality California Institute of Integral Studies

Elizabeth Chodos Director and Special Faculty Miller Institute for Contemporary Art Carnegie Mellon University

Elizabeth Chodos Director and Special Faculty Miller Institute for Contemporary Art Carnegie Mellon University

Noam Chomsky Professor Linguistics U. of Arizona

James Clifford Professor Emeritus History of Consciousness UC Santa Cruz

Joshua Clover Professor English and Comparative Literature University of California Davis

James Cohen Professor American Studies Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3

Michael Mark Cohrn Associate Teaching Professor American Studies University of California at Berkeley

Merrill Cole Professor English Western Illinois University

Elliott Colla Assoc Professor Arabic and Islamic Studies Georgetown University

John Collins Professor Global Studies St. Lawrence University

Giovanna Colombetti Professor Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology University of Exeter

Sarah Combellick-Bidney Associate Professor Political Science Augsburg University

Christopher Connery Professor Literature University of California Santa Cruz

Sandi Cooper Professor emerita History CUNY at Staten Island and the Graduate School

Joshua Cooper Professor Mathematics University of South Carolina

Vilashini Cooppan Professor of Literature Literature University of California, Santa Cruz

Gina Crandell Professor Architecture Boston Architectural College

Arnaldo Cruz-Malave Professor Modern Languages and Literatures Fordham University

Elyse Crystall Teaching Assoc Professor English & Comp Lit UNC Chapel Hill

Richard Curtis Instructor and Editor Philosophy Existential and Psychoanalytic Institute and Society (EPIS)

Ulrika Dahl Professor Gender Studies Uppsala University

Dr. Edwi Daniel Professor Emeritus Pharmacology University of Alberta

E. Randolph Daniel Emeritus Professor History University of Kentucky

Lawrencd Davidson Professor Emeritus History West Chester University

Laurence Davis College Lecturer Government and Politics University College Cork, Ireland

Chandler Davis Professort Emeritus Mathematics University of Toronto

Natalie Zemon Davis Professor Emeritus History Princeton University

Marcia Davitt Postdoc Researcher Learning Systems Innovation + Effectiveness Virginia Tech

Sonia Dayan-Herzbrun Professor emerita, Paris Social Sciences Université Paris Diderot

Marisol de la Cadena Professor Anthropology UC Davis

Geoffroy de Lagasnerie Professor Philosophy Ecole Nationiale Supérieure d'Arts de Paris-Cergy

Noah De Lissovoy Associate Professor Cultural Studies in Education University of Texas at Austin

Alexis De Veaux Professor Emerita Transnational Studies University at Buffalo

Anne-Marie Debbane Assistant Professor Geography San Diego State University

Robert Deck Professor of Physics Physics Dept. University of Toledo

Jeramy DeCristo Assistant Professor American Studies University of California, Davis

Ivonne del Valle Associate Professor Spanish and Portuguese UC Berkeley

Emilio Del Valle-Escalante Associate Professor Romance Studies University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Victoria Delaney PhD Candidate Philosophy, Interpretation and Culture Binghamton University

Gina Dent Associate Professor Feminist Studies, History of Consciousness, and Legal Studies University of California, Santa Cruz

Dipti Desai Associate Professor Art and Art Professions New York University

Karen deVries Instructor Women’’s and Ethnic Studiez University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Karen deVries Instructor Women's and Ethnic Studies UC/Colorado Springs

James Dickins Prof. of Arabic School of Languages, Cultures and Societies University of Leeds

hasia diner professor History new york university

Estelle Disch Professor Emerita Sociology UMass Boston

Estelle Disch Professor Emerita Sociology UMass Boston

Mary Ann Doane Class of 1937 Professor Film and Media UC Berkeley

Richard Dobbs Instructor History/Political Science Gadsden State Community College (AL)

Philip Downey Labor attorney The Streets Life

Jesse Drew Professor Cinema and Digital Media University of California at Davis

Michael Drexler Professor English Bucknell University

Ann duCille Visiting Professor of Gender Studies Pembroke Center Brown University

Joseph Dumit Professor Anthropology UC Davis

Ian Duncan Florence Green Bixby Professor English University of California, Berkeley

Stephen Duncombe Professor of Media and Culture Gallatin School and Steinhardt School New York University

John Dupre Professor Philosophy University of Exeter

Val Dusek Professor Emeritus Philosophy University of New Hampshire

Millicent E. Brown, Ph.D. Assoc. Prof/Retired History Claflin

Akhtar Ehtisham MD Orthopedic Surgery Retired

Barry Eidlin Assistant Professor Sociology McGill University

Eric Eisner Associate Professor English George Mason University

Zein El-Amine Lecturer / Advisor Arab World Studies UMD and AU

Sean Elias Visiting Senior Lecturer Sociology Univerty of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

taline elmayan researcher biology INRA

Kathy Engel Chair and Associate Arts Professor Art & Public Policy, Tisch School of the Arts New York University

Robert Entman JB and MC Shapiro Professor Emeritus School of Media and Public Affairs George Washington University

Arturo Escobar Professor Anthropology UNC, Chapel Hill

Fred Evans Professor Philosophy Duquesne

Stacy Fahrenthold Assistant Professor History University of California, Davis

Mireille Fanon Mendes France Ex UN Expert Paris paris

James C Faris Emeritus Anthropology/Middle East Program University of Connecticut

Marjorie Feld professor history Babson College

Keith Feldman Associate Professor Ethnic Studies University of California, Berkeley

Tracy Feldman Assistant Professor Natural and Life Sciences St. Andrews University--a branch of Webber International University

Gordon Fellman Prof. Sociology Brandeis University

Roderick Ferguson Professor African American Studies/Gender and Women's Studies University of Illinois, Chicago

Ann Ferguson Professor emerita Philosophy and Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies University of Massachusetts Amherst

James Findlay Lecturer Religious Studies California State University, Northridge

Michelle Fine Distinguished professor Critical psychology Graduate center CUNY

Nikky Finney Poet & Professor English & African American Studies University of South Carolina

Berenice Fisher Professor Emerita Educational Philosophy New York University

Abraham Flaxman Associate Professor Health Metrics Sciences University of Washington

Ellen Fleischmann Professor History University of Dayton

Cornelia Flora Distinguished Professor Emerita Sociology Iowa State University

Jacques Fontaine Maître de conférences honoraire Géographie Besançon (France)

Manzar Foroohar Professor History Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Katy Fox-Hodess Dr. School of Management University of Sheffield (England)

Richard Franke Professor Emeritus of Anthropology Anthropology Montclair State University

Marilyn Frankenstein Professor, retired Quantitative Reasoning University of Massachusetts/Boston

Cynthia Franklin Professor English University of Hawaii

Sarah Franklin Professor Department of Sociology University of Cambridge

H. Bruce Franklin John Cotton Dana Professor of English and American Studies, Emiritus English Rutgers University--Newark

Elaine Freedgood Prifessir English NYU

Marlene Fried Professor of Philosophy and CLPP Faculty Director Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program Hampshire College

Marisa Fuentes Associate Professor History Rutgers University

Eric Funk Professor of Composition School of Music Montana State University

Zeynep Gambetti Associate professor Political Science and International Relations Bogazici University

Reebee Garofalo Professor Emeritus College of Public and Community Service UMass Boston

Ednie Kaeh Garrison Adjunct lecturer Women's and Gender Studies CSU Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Ellen Gruber Garvey Professor English New Jersey City University

Philip Gasper Professor Emeritus Philosophy Notre Dame de Namur University

Ross Gay Professor English Indiana University

Mayya Geha Instructor Pediatrics Harvard University

Robert Gelbach Professor emeritus Political Science Southern Connecticut State University

Emmaia Gelman PhD candidate American Studies NYU

irene gendzier Professor Emeritus Dept Political Science Boston University

Arch Getty Distinguished Research Professor History UCLA

Emily Gilbert Associate Professor Department of Geography & Planning University of Toronto

Ruth Wilson Gilmore Professor Earth & Environmental Sciences, and American Studies Graduate Center, City University of New York

Terri Ginsberg Assistant Professor of Film Department of the Arts The American University in Cairo

Terri Ginsberg Assistant Professor Film Program, Department of the Arts The American University in Cairo

Jonathon Glassman Professor History Northwestern University

Larry Goldsmith Profesor de Letras Inglesas (Asignatura) Facultad de Filosofía y Letras Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Don Goldstein Emeritus Professor Economics Allegheny College

Kanishka Goonewardena Associate Professor Geography and Planning University of Toronto

Neve Gordon Professor School of Law Queen Mary University of London

Sherry Gorelick Professor Emerita Sociology and Women's Studies Rutgers University

Van Gosse Professor History Franklin & Marshall College

Rebecca Ruth Gould Professor, Islamic World & Comparative Literature College of Arts & Law University of Birmingham (UK)

Jonathan Graubart Professor Political Science San Diego State University

Jody Greene Associate Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning University of California, Santa Cruz

Susan Greene Building Contractor Greene Building and Design University of Southern California

Zareena Grewal Assoc Prof American Studies, Middle East Studies Yale University

David Grinstein Adjunct Faculty Mathematics Bunker Hill Community College

Candace Groudine Retired Senior Civil Rights Specialist./FHWA; lawyer; and part-time lecturer in law-related subjects Political Science University of Maryland Baltimore County/Shady Grove

Kirsten Silva Gruesz Professor Literature University of California, Santa Cruz

Heidi Grunebaum Associate Professor Centre for Humanities Research University of the Western Cape

Jennifer Guglielmo Associate Professor History Department Smith College

Donald Guillory Instructor CISA Arizona State University

Julie Guthman Professor Program in Community Studies University of California, Santa Cruz

Andrew Paul Gutierrez FRES Professor Emeritus Ecosystem Science UC Berkeley

Michel Habib Professor Finance University of Zurich

Souheil Haddad Volunteer Clinical Professor School of medicine Indiana University

Corrinne Hales Professor English Fresno State

Rebecca Hall Independent Scholar Law and History Independent Scholar

Tama Hamilton-Wray Association Professor Residential College in the Arts and Humanities Michigan State University

Nesha Haniff Lecturer Afroamerican and African Studies University of Michigan

Donna Haraway Distinguished Professor Emerita History of Consciousness University of California Santa Cruz

Sabine Hark Professor Gender Studies Technische Universität Berlin

Robert Harvey Distinguished Professor Philosophy Stony Brook University

Christine Hauskeller Prof. Dr. Sociology and Philosophy University of Exeter

Christine Hauskeller Professor Philosophy University of Exeter

Judith Adler Hellman Senior Scholar and Professor Emerita Departments of Politics and Social Science York University, Toronto

Andrés Henao Castro Assistant Professor Political Science University of Massachusetts Boston

Glenn Hendler Professor English and American Studies Fordham University

Jocelyn Hermoso Associate Professor School of Social Work San Francisco State University

Gail Hershatter Distinguished Professor of History History University of California, Santa Cruz

Daniel Hershenzon Associate Professor Literatures, Cultures, and Languages University of Connecticut

John Hess Senioe Lecturer II English University of Massachusetts Boston

Linda Hess Senior Lecturer Emerita Religious Studies Stanford University

Peter Hill Junior Research Fellow Oriental Studies University of Oxford

Jan Hitchcock Professor Emeritus Social & Behavioral Sciences University of Southern Maine

Katherine Hite Professor Political Science Vassar College

Christine Ho Professor Emerita Human and Organizational Development Fielding Graduate University

Jerome Hoffman Professor Emeritus Medicine UCLA

Nancy Holmstrom Professor Emerita Philosophy Rutgers U

Christine Hong Associate Professor Literature UC Santa Cruz

Grace Hong Professor Gender Studies UCLA

Jamila Horabin Associate Professor Biomedical Sciences Florida State Univ

Michael Howard Professor Philosophy University of Maine

Ivan Huber Prof. Emeritus of Biology Biology Faireleigh Dickinson University

Norman Illsley Engineer Retired CSU (Colo State U)

Tarek Ismail Senior Staff Attorney CLEAR Project CUNY School of Law

Mohamad Issa Professor Physics Qatar University /Retired

Lochlann Jain Professor Anthropology Stanford University

Regine Jean-Charles Associate Professor Romance Languages & Literatures Boston College

Janet Johnson Professor NRELC University of Chicago

Patrick Jones Associate Professor History/Ethnic Studies University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Tristan Josephson Assistant Professor Women's Studies CSU, Sacramento

Lynne Joyrich Professor Modern Culture and Media Brown University

George Kallas Professor Political Science Miramar College

Nancy Kalow Lecturing Fellow Center for Documentary Studies Duke University

Tania Kamal-Eldin Associate Professor FIlm American University of Cairo

Louis Kampf Prof. Emeritus Literature and Gender Studies MIT

Caren Kaplan Professor American Studiies UC Davis

Carolyn Karcher Professor Emerita English Temple University

Erik T Karlson Professor emeritus Plasma physics Uppsala Universty

Nelson Kasfir Professor Emeritus Government Dartmouth College

Aaron Katz Principal Lecturer Health Services University of Washington

Stephanie Kay Lecturer, Retired University Writing Program University of California, Riverside

robert keisner Professor of Psychology Psychology Long Island University

Robin Kelley Professor History UCLA

Marie Kennedy Professor Emerita Community Planning University of Massachusetts Boston

Jennifer Kerns Assistant Professor History Portland State University

Benjamin Kersten Doctoral Student Visual Studies State University of New York at Buffalo

Assaf Kfoury Professor Computer Science Dept Boston University

Laleh Khalili Professor Politics and International Studies SOAS University of London

H Khan Distinguished University Professor Josef Korbel School of International Studies University of Denver

Anastasia Khawaja Senior Instructor INTO University of South Florida

sang kil associate professor "justice" studies san jose state university

john king associate adjunct professor/NYU SPS NYU

Katie King Professor Emerita Women’s Studies University of Maryland

Lewis Kirshner Clnical Professor Psychiatry Harvard Medical School

David Klein Professor Department of Mathematics California State University Northridge

Henry Klein Prof. Emeritus Art Los Angeles Valley College

Sherryl Kleinman Professor Emerita Sociology UNC, Chapel Hill

Irena Klepfisz Associate Professor Women and Gender Studies Barnard College

Marcia Klotz Assistatn Professor English, Gender and Women's STudies University of Arizona

Dennis Kortheuer Dr History Cal State Long Beach

Joy Kroeger-Mappes Professor Emerita of Philosophy Philosophy Frostburg State University

Dan La Botz Assistant School of Labor and Urban Studies City University of New York

John Lamperti Professor Emeritus Mathematics Dartmouth College

Amy Schrager Lang Professor Emerita English Syracuse University

Zoe Lawlor Language Teacher Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences University of Limerick

Mary Layoun Professor of Comparative Literature Department of Comparative Literature & Folklore Studies University of Wisconsin, Madison

Jack Leff PhD Student Science and Technology Studies Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

H. Marshall Leicester Professor of English Literature Literature University of California, Santa Cruz

Peter Lemish, Ph.D. Engaged independent scholar Activist Scholars Working Group, Activism, Communication & Social Justice International Communication Assn

Justin Leroy Assistant Professor History University of California, Davis

Michael Levin Adjunct Faculty Music Columbia College - Chicago

Mark LeVine Professor History UC Irvine

Joseph Levine Professor Philosophy University of Massachusetts Amherst

James Anders Levy Associate Professor and Director, Public History Program History University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Eli Lichtenstein PhD Candidate Philosophy Northwestern University

Julie Livingston Professor Departments of Social and Cultural Analysis and History New York University

Tania Lizarazo Assistant Professor Modern Languages, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication University of Maryland, Baltimore County

David Lloyd Distinguished Professor English University of California, Riverside

Brooke Lober Lecturer Women's and Gender Studies Sonoma State University

Zachary Lockman Professor Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, and History New York University

Elena Loizidou Reader in Law and Political Theory Law Birkbeck College, University of London

Elena Loizidou Reader in Law and Political Theory Law Birkbeck College, University of London

Elena Loizidou Reader in Law and Political Theory Law Birkbeck College, University of London

Martha London Assistant Director, Research University Advancement University of Massachusetts Boston

WAHNEEMA LUBIANO Associate Professor African & African American Studies Duke University

Alex Lubin Professor American Studies University of New Mexico

Kelly J. Madison Professor TV/Film & Communication Studies California State University, Los Angeles

DAniel Maguire Professor Emeritus Theology Marquette University

Sunaina Maira Professor Asian American Studies UC Davis

Lorraine Malcoe Associate Professor Zilber School of Public Health University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Cristina Malcolmson Professor Emerita English Bates College

Charles Manekin Professor Philosophy University of Maryland

Lata Mani Dr. Independent Scholar & Filmmaker Independent Scholar & Filmmaker

Jared Margulies Postdoctoral Research Fellow Politics University of Sheffield

Claude Marks Director Freedom Archives Freedom Archives

Cinthya Martinez Doctoral Student Ethnic Studies Riverside

Egla Martinez Associate Professor Human Rights and Social Justice, IIS Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

Charlie Masquelier Dr Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology University of Exeter

Richard Matthews Associate Professor Health Sciences and Medicine Bond University

Sônia Mattos Professor Anthropology (Gender and Religion) Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo

Marian Mayer Senior Lecturer Faculty of Media and Communication Bournemouth University

Achille Mbembe Research Professor in History & Politics WISER University of the Witwatersrand - Johannesburg

Paul McDermott Professor Modern and Classical Languages and Literature California State University

Shaka McGlotten Associate Professor Media Studies Purchase College-SUNY

Utz McKnight Chair Gender and Race Studies University of Alabama

David McNally Distinguished Professor History University of Houston

Ali Meghji Dr Sociology University of Cambridge

Bob Meister Professor History of Consciousness University of California, Santa Cruz

Jodi Melamed Associate Professor English Marquette University

Noémie Merleau-Ponty Research Associate Department of Sociology University of Cambridge

William Messing Professor School of Mathematics University of Minnesota

Philip Metres Professor, Director of the Peace, Justice, and Human Rights program English John Carroll University

Andrew Meyer PhD Student Politics University of California, Santa Cruz

Alan Meyers Emeritus Professor Pediatrics Boston University School of Medicine

Elana Michelson Professor Emerita Cultural Studies State University of New York

Nathaniel Mills Assistant Professor English University of Minnesota

Adam Miyashiro Assistant Professor of Literature Literature Stockton University

Chandra Talpade Mohanty Distinguished Professor Women's and Gender Studies Syracuse University

Warren Montag The Brown Family Professor of Literature Department of English Occidental College

José-Luis MORAGUES Dr. Maître de Conférences Psychologie clinique Montpellier III - Retraité

Monica Moreno Figueroa Dr Sociology University of Cambridge

John Mullen Professeur Études anglophones Université de Rouen, Normandie

Madhavi Murty Assistant Professor Feminist Studies University of California, Santa Cruz

Daphne Muse Director Women's Leadership Institute Mills College (Retired)

Beverly Naidus Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts Arts, Media & Culture University of Washington, Tacoma

Jamal Nassar Dr. Political Science California State University San Bernardino

Diane Nelson Professor Cultural Anthropology Duke University

Shaari Neretin Lecturer Human Services Lesley University

Jan Nespor Professor Educational Studies The Ohio State University

Joan Nestle Co-Founder of the Lesbian Herstory Archives, Writer Archives, History LHA

Stephen Nissenbaum Professor, emeritus History University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Judith Norman Professor Philosophy Trinity University

Marília Novais da Mata Machado Professor Psychology Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

María Ochoa Professor Emerita Sociology-Interdisciplinary Social Sciences San José State University

Josiane Olff-Nathan Retired Engineer Social Studies of Science Université de Strasbourg, France

Ken Olum Research Professor Physics and Astronomy Tufts University

Adi Ophir Professor Emeritus, Tel Aviv University Visiting Professor, The Cogut Institute for the Humanities Brown University

Goldie Osuri Associate Professor Sociology University of Warwick

Michael Palm Associate Professor and President, AAUP chapter at UNC-CH Communication UNC-Chapel Hill

David Palumbo-Liu Louise Hewlett Nixon Professor Comparative Literature Stanford University

Celine-Marie Pascale Professor Sociology American University

Leslie Patrick Associate Professor of History Emeritus History Bucknell University

Mary Patten Professor Department of Film, Video, New Media and Animation School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Ian Paul Assistant Professor Art Stony Brook University

John Pearse Professor Emeritus Ecology and Evolutionary Biology University of California, Santa Cruz

Micah Perks Professor Literature University of California, Santa Cruz

Rosalind Petchesky Distinguished Professor Emerita Political Science Hunter College & the Graduate Center, City University of NY

Dawn Peterson Assistant Professor History Emory University

James Petras profesor Sociology Binghamton

Jean Pfaelzer Professor English, Women & Gender Studies, Asian Studies University of Delaware

Michael Pierce Associate Professor History University of Arkansas

Anand Pillay William J. Hank Professor Mathematics Notre Dame

Ulrich Plass Professor College of Letters/German Studies Wesleyan University

Adriana Ponce Associate Professor School of Music Illinois Wesleyan University

Albert Ponce Assistant Professor Political Science Diablo Valley College

Eric Porter Professor History and History of Consciousness UC Santa Cruz

Lana Povitz Visiting Assistant Professor History Middlebury College

Marissa Quie Research Associate Sociology University of Cambridge

Aneil Rallin Associate Professor Writing Program Soka University of America

Aneil Rallin Associate Professor Writing Program Soka University of America

Aneil Rallin Associate Professor Writing Soka University of America

Marlène Ramírez-Cancio Associate Director, Arts & Media Hemispheric Institute New York University

Shyam Ranganathan Contract Faculty Department of Philosophy York University

Brian Rappert Professor Sociology University of Exeter

Mark Read Adjunct Professor Gallatin School of Individualized Study New York University

T.V. Reed Professor Emeritus English and American Studies Washington State University

Melanie Richter-Montpetit Lecturer/Assistant Professor Department of International Relations University of Sussex

Russell Rickford Associate Professor History Cornell University

Mark Rifkin Director Women's and Gender Studies Program UNCG

Abid Rizvi MD Medicine University of Southern California

william robertson research librarian S.L.I.S. kent state university

Betty Robinson Professor Emerita Leadership and Organizational Studies University of Southern Maine

Lisa Rofel Professor Anthropology University of California, Santa Cruz

eleanor roffman professor emerita Dvision of Counseling and Psychology Lesley University

David Rohrlich Professor Mathematics and Statistics Boston University

Clarissa Rojas Asst Professor Chicana and Chicano Studies University of California, Ms Davis

Nancy Romer Professor Emerita Psychology Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Sonya Rose Professor Emerita History, Sociology and Women's Studies University of Michigan

Bruce Rosenstock Professor Religion University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Penny Rosenwasser Ph.D., Instructor Interdisciplinary Studies City College of San Francisco

Ken Ross Professor Emeritus Political Science (Emeritus) Adrian College (Emeritus)

Andrew Ross Professor Social and Cultural Analysis New York University

Alice Rothchild, MD retired Assistant Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, Faculty of Medicine at Harvard University Obstetrics and Gynecology Harvard University

E. Natalie Rothman Associate Professor History University of Toronto

E. Natalie Rothman Associate Professor History University of Toronto

Rachel Rubin Adjunct Assistant Professor School of Public Health University of Illinois at Chicago

Jonah Rubin Assistant Professor of Anthropology-Sociology Anthropology & Sociology Knox College

Sara Rushing Associate Professor of Political Science Political Science Montana State University

Jeffrey Sacks Associate Professor Comparative Literature and Languages UC, Riverside

Jared Sacks PhD Candidate Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies Columbia University

GS Sahota Associate Professor Literature UC Santa Cruz

Rakhshanda Saleem Associate Professor Counseling and Psychology Lesley University

george salem associate professor Physical Therapy USC

Leslie Salzinger Associate professor Gender and Women's Studies UC Berkeley

Nicholas Sammond Associate Professor Cinema Studies Institute University of Toronto

Rosaura Sanchez Professor Literature UCSD

Trevor Joy Sangrey Asst. Dean College of Arts and Sciences Washington University in St. Louis

Robert Schaible Professor Emeritus, Arts and Humanities University of Southern Maine

James Schamus Professor Film Columbia University

Rebecca K Scheckler Professor Scool of nursing Radford univrsityy

Naomi Scheman Professor Emerita Philosophy University of Minnesota

Naomi Scheman Professor emerita Philosophy University of Minnesota

Judah Schept Associate Professor Justice Studies Eastern Kentucky University

Sigrid Schmalzer Professor History University of Massachusetts Amherst

Emily Schneider Visiting Assistant Professor Sociology Colorado College

Heike Schotten Associate Professor Political Science University of Massachusetts Boston

Astrid Schrader Lecturer Sociology, Philosophy, Anthropology University of Exeter

Joshua Schreier Professor History Vassar College

Sarah Schulman Distinguished Professor English City University of New York, College of Staten Island

Jason Schulman Adjunct Assistant Professor Political Science Lehman College

Gabriele Schwab Distinguished Professor Comp. Lit. UCI

Ernesto Schwartz Marin Lecturer in Sociology Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology Exeter Universtiy

Jillian Schwedler Professor Political Science Hunter College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York

joan scott Professor Emerita School of Social Science Institute for Advanced Study

Stan Scott Professor Emeritus English and Philosophy University of Maine--Presque Isle

Richard Seaford Professor Classics Exeter

Daniel Segal Jean M. Pitzer Professor Anthropology & History Pitzer College

May Seikaly Prof CMLLC Wayne State University

C. Grier Sellers Adjunct Assistant Professor Biology Temple University

Jennifer Selwyn Adjunct Associate Professor History Portland State University

Jeff Shalan Professor Humanities Union County College

Stephen Shalom Professor Political Science William Paterson University

Stephen Shalom Professor Political Science William Paterson University

Anu Sharma Associate Professor Anthropology Wesleyan University

Christina Sharpe Professor Humanities York University

Setsu Shigematsu Associate Professor Media and Cultural Studies University of California, Riverside

Leah Shopkow Professor History Indiana University-Bloomington

ahmad shqeirat Outsource director Religious Studies Mishkah University

Stephanie Sieburth Professor Romance Studies Duke University

Ellie Siegel Emerita Senior Faculty Associate School for Interdisciplinary Arts Hampshire College

Lewis Siegelbaum Jack and Margaret Sweet Professor Emeritus History Michigan State University

Victor Silverman Professor History Pomona College

Leslie Simon Professor Interdisciplinary Studies City College of San Francisco

Sophia Simon-Ortiz Clinical Faculty Health Education San Francisco State University

Robert D Skeels, JD Adjunct Instructor Faculty Peoples College of Law

Jeffrey Skoller Associate Professor Film & Media UC Berkeley

Lauy Slatkin Professor, Classical Studies Gallatin School and Department of Comparative Literature New York University

Laura Slatkin Professor, Classical Studies Gallatin School and Dept. of Comparative Literature New York University

David Slavin adjunct professor History/ Humanities Emory Univ. & Clayton State Univ.

Susan Slyomovics Distinguished Professor Anthropology UCLA

Stephanie Smallwood Associate Professor History University of Washington

Anneke Smelik Professor Department of Cultural Studies Radboud University Nijmegen

Jessi Smith Professor Psychology University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Amanda Smith Assistant Professor Literature UC Santa Cruz

Eric Smoodin Professor American Studies UC Davis

Ben Snyder Professor Film Department Montclair State University

Robert Snyderman Adjunct Instructor American Cultural Studies Western Washington University

Daniel Solomon lecturer Anthropology De Anza College, Cabrillo College

Robyn Spencer Associate Professor History Lehman College

Tom Sperlinger Professor of Literature and Engaged Pedagogy English University of Bristol

Andrew Spieldenner Assistant Professor Communication California State University-San Marcos

Tamara Lea Spira Associate Professor Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies Western Washington University

Peter Spitzform Associate Library Professor David W. Howe Memorial Library University of Vermont

Rajini Srikanth Professor English University of Massachusetts Boston

Lisa Stampnitzky Lecturer Politics University of Sheffield

Eric Stanley Assistant Professor Gender and Women's Studies University of California, Berkeley

Bruce Stanley Adjunct Professor of International Relations Department of International Relations Richmond University

Arlene Stein Professor Sociology Rutgers University

Clay Steinman Professor Emeritus Media and Cultural Studies Macalester College

Ramon Stern Administrative Manager Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs Brown University

Christopher Stone Associate Professor Department of Classics Hunter College (CUNY)

Caterina Strambio-De-Castillia Assistant Professor Molecular Medicine University of Massachusetts Medical School

James Strick Professor and Chair STS Program Franklin and Marshall College

Noël Sturgeon Professor Faculty of Envirinmental Studies York University

Rebecca Subar Permanent Adjunct Professor Peace and Conflict Studies West Chester University

Clea Sucoff McNeely Professor Department of Public Health University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Stephen Suh Assistant Professor Sociology / Women's and Ethnic Studies University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Ted Swedenburg Professor Anthropology University of Arkansas

Itrath Syed PhD, Candidate School of Communication Simon Fraser University

Rabah Tahraoui Professeur des universités à la retraite Mathématiques Université Rouen, France

Kim TallBear Canada Research Chair, Indigenous Peoples, Technoscience & Environment Faculty of Native Studies University of Alberta

Steve Tamari Professor Historical Studies Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Laura Tanenbaum Professor English LaGuardia/City University of New York

Andrea Teti Associate Professor Politics and International Relations University of Aberdeen

Charis Thompson RQIF Professor Sociology LSE

Chris Tilly Professor Urban Planning UCLA

Kyla Tompkins Associate Professor English Pomona College

Joanne Tortorici Luna Professor Advanced Studies in Education and Counseling California State University Long Beach

Barry Trachtenberg Rubin Presidential Chair of Jewish History History Wake Forest University

John Trimbur Professor Writing, Literature & Publishing Emerson College

Anna Tsing Professor Anthropology University of California, Santa Cruz

Judith Tucker Professor Department of History Georgetown University

Heather Turcotte Associate Professor Crime and Justice Studies University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Jesse Turner Professor Literacy, Elementary and Early Childhood Education Central Connecticut State University

Danilo-Francois Udovicki-Selb Associate professor School of Architecture University of Texas at Austin

Gina Athena Ulysse Professor of Anthropology Anthropology Wesleyan University

Nader Uthman Clinical Associate Professor Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies New York Univ.

Yolanda Valencia Student Internacional studies University of Colorado Denver

sigrid vertommen dr global health and social medicine king's college london

Maria Vesperi Professor Anthropology New College of Florida

Sherryl Vint Professor Media and Cultural Studies UC Riverside

Alex Vitale Professor Sociology Brooklyn College

Hélène Volat Librarian Emerita Melville Library Stony Brook University

Beverly Voloshin Professor English San Francisco State University

Matt Waggoner Professor Philosophy and Religion Albertus Magnus College

Priscilla Wald Professor English Duke

Alan Wald H. Chandler Davis Collegiate Professor Emeritus English Literature and American Culture University of Michigan

Anika Walke Assistant Professor History Washington University in St. Louis

Anika Walke Assistant Professor History Washington University in St. Louis

Tracy Wallach Senior Lecturer Gender, Leadership & Public Policy Program U Mass Boston

Dror WARSCHAWSKI Research associate Biophysics CNRS, Paris, France

Alisse Waterston Presidential Scholar & Professor Anthropology John Jay College, CUNY

Marv Waterstone Professor Emeritus School of Geography and Development University of Arizona

Elisabeth Weber Professor Germanic and Slavic Studies University of California, Santa Barbara

Elizabeth Weed Director emerita Pembroke Center Brown University

Melissa Weiner Associate Professor Sociology College of the Holy Cross

Joel Weisberg Stark Professor of Physics and Astronomy and the Natural Sciences Physics and Astronomy Carleton College

Erica Weitzman Assistant Professor German Northwestern University

Alistair Welchman Associate Professor of Philosophy Philosophy and Classics University of Texas at San Antonio

Margaret Wertheim PhD Candidate Communication, Creative Arts, and Education Deakin University

Carolyne White Professor Urban Education Rutgers University Newark

William White Professor Emeritus Education University of Southern Maine

Margaret Wiener Associate Professor Anthropology University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Franke Wilmer Professor Politica Science Montana State University

Rob Wilson Professor Literature U of California at Santa Cruz

Amanda Wilson Assistant Professor School of Social Innovation Saint Paul University

Ken Wissoker Editorial Director Duke University Press Duke University Press

Hertha D. Sweet Wong Professor and Associate Dean English University of California, Berkeley

Deborah Wood Retired Department Chair Social Studies Westtown School

Peter Wright Associate Professor and Chair Religion Colorado College

Isra Yazicioglu Associate Prof. Theology and Religious Studies St. Joseph's University

Linda Young Associate Professor Political Science Montana State University

Orian Zakai Assistant Professor of Hebrew Classical and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations The George Washington University

Susy Zepeda Assistant Professor Chicanx Studies University of California Davis

Michael Zuckerman Professor Emeritus History University of Pennsylvania

Stephen Zunes Professor Politics University of San Francisco

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