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Hey there! This form is to see who you, the applicant is, what character you'd like to play, and what type of game you want to play.
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Who are you? (Discord Handle; please make sure you are "friendable") *
Age/Gender/Preferred Pronouns *
Tell me about yourself outside of D&D. Please keep to at most 5 sentences. *
What do you expect from this game considering it is paid? * *
What are some No-No areas and topics for you? (example: Racial Conflict, Body horror, scumbags...) * *
How much do you like Exploration in your campaigns? (By this I mean going from place to place taking your time to discover the world and the people in it, as well as a "roadtrip" style game) * *
I prefer to go straight for the story and combat
I like taking my time to smell the flowers and get immersed in the world
How do you like your combat? * *
If I could make combat go in autopilot I would
I greatly enjoy tactical combat and outsmarting/outmaneuvering enemies
Sub-Combat Question: What is your stance on optimization/min-maxing/making suboptimal decisions? *
How do you like Roleplaying? * *
I don't like/feel comfortable engaging in roleplaying
If I spend a whole session just roleplaying I feel satisfied.
Sandbox to Story-driven: * *
Give me a shovel and a bucket, I got a sand castle to build (Sandbox)
Sand is cool and all, but have you heard of stone? Makes for way better structure, right? (Story-Driven)
What is your character idea? * *
Do you have a working Mic? *
Do you want to use Video chat or just voice? *
Do Fridays 7pmEST work for you? *
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