Abb's Valley Elementary Title I Parent Survey for 2019-20 School Year
Abb's Valley Elementary is a school-wide Title I school. All students are eligible to receive assistance from Title I Staff. Your input is valued at Abb's Valley Elementary School. Please take a few minutes to let us know your opinion. This information will be used to help us plan parent involvement activities for next year.
I understand the services provided by school-wide Title I.
I have had opportunities to be involved with Title I Staff
Title I has provided help, information, or resources for my child.
I have attended a Title I Parent Meeting
I have read and understood the AVES Title I School-Parent Compact.
I feel that Abb's Valley Elementary has high expectations for my child.
I feel knowledgeable about the school's curriculum.
My child receives additional academic help when needed.
I feel that my child has made adequate progress this school year.
The school provides our family with a variety of events.
I have attended school events this year.
I am willing to participate in school planning such as the School Improvement Plan, the Title I Plan, etc.
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