Entrepreneurial Night - Free tickets for entrepreneurs
Welcome to the 5th Recognizing Awarding Valuing Entrepreneurs (RAVE). Previous RAVE were a success with 200+ attendees.

We have subsidized tickets specifically for entrepreneurs. Fill this questionnaire and help us build an entrepreneurial database.

Answers to questions with asterisk (***) will be kept confidential by RAEDI unless otherwise authorized.

If you have questions/comments about this questionnaire email us info@mcbusaccel.com.

After completing this form we will send you a code for $0 tickets at the email address provided below. Use the code to register http://rave2018.eventbrite.com.

What is your Company Name?
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In what Industry do you operate?
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Where is your company's headquarters located?
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Are you a base business?
(Business that sells goods/services outside of the Rochester Area)
Company year of formation?
(When did the main activities of the company started?)
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**How many employees do you have?**
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**Have you had sales already?**
**Are you at break even?**
Have you raised outside funds for this company?
(I.e., family-friends, angels, VC.)(Do NOT include bank loans)
**If so how many $ have you raised (accumulated)? **
Make your case: why do you want to attend RAVE? Tell us about your entrepreneurial efforts, etc.
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