Application for Imaging Data Commons pilot cloud credits
Imaging Data Commons ( is offering free Google Cloud credits for researchers to try out our platform! If you are interested in applying, please fill out this form, and we will be in touch with you after reviewing your application.

Before you complete this application, we strongly encourage you to first take advantage of the $300 free cloud credits offered by Google. See details here:

All reasonable requests will receive an initial allocation of $300 towards storage and compute costs. We expect that this amount of funding will be more than enough for you to become familiar with the platform. If you expect that you will need additional funding to complete your planned research, this initial amount may be used to perform prototype analyses and to better estimate your total costs. At that time, you may request additional funding.

If we have any questions about your application, we will reach out to you via IDC forum. Forum messages email notifications will be arriving from this email address: Please make sure you whitelist that email so you do not miss important communications from IDC!

Please be aware that we will be monitoring your cloud resource usage on a daily basis and will alert you as you begin to approach your funding limit. If you exceed your allocation limit and we are not able to contact you by email for several days, we may need to take action to shut your project down which could cause you to lose work and data!

The pilot credit program is an important mechanism for IDC to collect feedback and user experience. If your application is approved, as a condition of the credit award (upon the project completion or throughout your use of the platform) we ask that you provide feedback of how IDC helped you achieve your research objectives (if it helped), what went wrong, what can be improved, what features are missing.

Please acknowledge support of your research by IDC in the presentation and publications using the following text: “This work was supported with a cloud credits allocation provided by NCI Imaging Data Commons”, and please cite the IDC publication:

Fedorov, A., Longabaugh, W. J. R., Pot, D., Clunie, D. A., Pieper, S., Aerts, H. J. W. L., Homeyer, A., Lewis, R., Akbarzadeh, A., Bontempi, D., Clifford, W., Herrmann, M. D., Höfener, H., Octaviano, I., Osborne, C., Paquette, S., Petts, J., Punzo, D., Reyes, M., Schacherer, D. P., Tian, M., White, G., Ziegler, E., Shmulevich, I., Pihl, T., Wagner, U., Farahani, K. & Kikinis, R. NCI Imaging Data Commons. Cancer Res. 81, 4188–4193 (2021).
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