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We ask for a 3 month commitment for ALL volunteer positions.
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Volunteer Availability, Interests and Skills
Please use the following area to let the Volunteer Coordinator know what volunteer jobs you are most interested in, your weekly availability, and any additional skills and training you may have.

Here are volunteer job descriptions, by category, and when they are needed:


We hold our riding classes and therapy sessions by the quarter. Volunteer needs will change as the quarters change.

-A volunteer leader is responsible for getting the horse tacked up for classes, handling the horse during the lesson,
 untacking, and putting the horse away after the lesson is over.
-Leaders MUST have extensive horse experience and will be invited to attend a leader training after horse experience has
 been evaluated. Leaders are needed for our riding program.
-We have classes Monday through Saturday. Most classes are 45 minutes long and leaders are needed 30 minutes prior to
 the class and 30 minutes after to tack/untack the horse for a total potential shift of 1:45 minutes.
-You must be able to walk consistently for at least 45 minutes, possibly on uneven ground and up and down hills.

-A volunteer side-walker is responsible for assisting clients during both therapy sessions and riding classes.
-As a side-walker you are supporting the client a variety of ways, including providing stabilizing holds. Most sessions are
 30 minutes long.  
-You must be able to walk consistently for at least 30 minutes, possibly on uneven ground and up and down hills.  
-Side-walking opportunities with the therapy program are typically Monday through Thursday 10 am to 4 pm. Occasionally,
 we have side-walking opportunities with our riding program on Saturday.
-No horse experience is required.

- The main responsibility of the class assistant during a vaulting lesson is work alongside the instructor to keep the vaulters safe and engaged while off the horse.
- Help manage a group of individuals, helping them practice their moves while they await their turn on the horse. 
- Must be able to lift between 50lbs - 100lbs
- Vaulting classes are 1.5 to 2 hours in length.


All day to day horse-care is done by volunteer teams.

-7:00 am-8:30 am, Monday through Sunday.
-Feeding the herd of 30 horses hay and grain in the morning.
-Turning horses out from stall to pasture. Turnout is done in all types of weather.
-Horse experience preferred. Must be over 18 years old or have a parent/guardian that can stay onsite during
 volunteer time.
--Requires lifting and bending as well as walking on uneven ground.

-10:30am to 12:30pm Monday through Sunday.
-Feeding the herd of 30 horses hay and grain and filling outside water troughs
-Filling inside water buckets, and prepping PM hay
-Cleaning inside stalls and replenishing bedding
-Requires lifting and bending as well as walking on uneven ground.

-4pm-5:30pm, Monday through Sunday.
-Feeding the herd of 30 horses hay and grain in the evening,
-Bringing horses from outside pastures to stalls.
-Horse experience prefered
-Requires some lifting and bending as well as walking on uneven ground
-PM horse-care is done in all types of weather.

- Needs can vary depending on the time of year.
- Common projects are: fixing/building fences, mowing, weeding, raking, pressure washing, etc.
- Can be flexible in timing of day.

What volunteer jobs are you most interested in? *
Detailed Weekly Availability (check all possibilities) *
If you want to volunteer with a specific person (current Forward Stride volunteer, parent/guardian/child, another volunteer applicant) list their name below. We cannot accommodate all requests.
Do you have any skills or training in any of the following areas?
Detail ALL experience with horses including special skills, certifications, 4H/Pony Club/Equestrian Team involvement, Equine Science classes, etc. *
Detail ALL experience with animals other than horses.
If you have volunteered at another therapeutic riding facility, please describe your experience.
If you are a student and looking to volunteer at Forward Stride to fulfill service hours required by your school list all requirements below (hours, timeline, type of service, etc.). We cannot accommodate all requests.
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Liability Release
Liability release to be signed by volunteer or parent/guardian if volunteer is under 18 years of age.
I verify that I am over the age of 18 or the parent/guardian of the above volunteer who is a minor. *
I acknowledge the many and serious risks and potential risks associated with horse activities. However, I feel that the possible benefits to myself, my son/daughter, my ward, my horse and the clients are greater than the risks assumed. As a condition of participation, I hereby, intending to be legally bound, for myself, my son/daughter, my ward, my heirs and assigns, executors or administrators, waive and release forever all claims for damages against Forward Stride, their Directors, Officers, Instructors, Therapists, Aides, Volunteers, Horse Owners and/or Employees for any and all injuries and/or losses I, my son daughter, my ward, my horse may sustain while participating in Forward Stride activities, except for injuries or losses caused intentionally or by willful or wanton disregard for safety.  I accept and agree to the above statement. *
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Please note that you may not receive an additional email for training until your availability matches one of our needs! If you availability changes, please reach out!
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