IHS Career Technical Education Student Survey
Irvine Unified School District would like to understand your awareness and interest as it relates to Career Technical Education (CTE). Career Technical Education is a series of courses designed to provide students real world practical experience as it relates to specific career paths. The classes integrate academic standards as well as hands-on project based learning. --What's in this for me? Your responses will help the district determine which classes to offer in the future!
Please select your grade level *
What school do you attend? *
Which Career(s) are you interested in?
In your opinion, what is the primary benefit of taking a CTE class?
Irvine Unified School District is looking at potential new course offerings for Career and Technical Education (CTE) through Blended Learning at San Joaquin High School. Students in blended learning complete coursework online, with one in-person meeting per week after school.
How interested are you in enrolling in a blended learning CTE course?
We would like to know how likely you are to take any of the following blended learning courses? Please select your top 3 choices.
Very Likely
Somewhat Likely
Not Likely
Not Likely at All
Computer Science (1 semester)
AP Computer Science
AP Environmental Science
AP Human Geography
Physics with Lab
Engineering Design (1 semester)
3D Art 1 Modeling (1 semester)
Personal Finance (1 semester)
Spanish 1
Chinese 1
AP Psychology
Sociology (1 semester)
Entrepreneurship/ Self-Employment
Introduction to Business
Health Science Concepts
Health Sci. and Medical Terminology
Information and Communication Tech
Nursing Assistant
Pharmacy Technician
Would you be willing to replace an elective course with an afterschool blended learning CTE course?
How likely would you be willing to travel to a different Irvine Unified School site to attend a CTE blended learning course of your choice, once a week?
Which of the following classes would you be interested in taking if offered at Irvine High School (please check all that apply):
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