English Term Self Assessment
Take the time to reflect on your learning from throughout the term. Think back on all of the experiences, discussions, and activities from the past months. When you're ready please complete this self assessment reflection in preparation for our assessment conference.

1 = I didn't demonstrate my understanding of this
2 = I may have demonstrated my understanding but I have room to improve
3 = I did my best in demonstrating my understanding

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Recognize the complexities of digital citizenship *
Read for enjoyment and to achieve personal goals *
Access information for diverse purposes and from a variety of sources to inform writing *
Explore the relevance, accuracy, and reliability of texts *
Apply appropriate strategies to comprehend written, oral, visual, and multimodal texts *
Recognize and appreciate how different forms, formats, structures, and features of texts enhance and shape meaning and impact *
Think critically, creatively, and reflectively to explore ideas within, between, and beyond texts *
Explore how language constructs personal and social Identities *
Construct meaningful personal connections between self, text, and world *
Identify bias, contradictions, and distortions *
Respectfully exchange ideas and viewpoints from diverse perspectives to build shared understanding and extend thinking *
Respond to text in personal, creative, and critical ways *
Assess and refine texts to improve clarity and impact *
Demonstrate speaking and listening skills in a variety of formal and informal contexts for a range of purposes *
Use writing and design processes to plan, develop, and create engaging and meaningful texts for a variety of purposes and audiences *
Use digital media to collaborate and communicate both within the classroom and beyond its walls *
Express and support an opinion with evidence *
Use the conventions of Canadian spelling, grammar, and punctuation proficiently and as appropriate to the context *
Use acknowledgements and citations to recognize intellectual property rights *
Transform ideas and information to create original texts *
Share one thing you’d like to draw my attention to that has been powerful evidence of your learning. *
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Share one goal you have for yourself in moving forward in your learning. *
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