Mendo Voice Co-op Survey
We want this to be your newspaper, and one way to do that would be to convert into a reader-worker co-op. It's an idea we've been pondering for a while, but we want to collaborate with you, our most dedicated readers, to see where we can go with it together. We want to build the sustainable, locally-owned news source Mendocino County deserves, and we want to collaborate with you to see what you think would work. Please let us know!
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Would you like to see The Mendo Voice become a worker-reader co-op, and would you join it?
In what areas would you like to have a say about our news service? (check as many as you like)
Would you like to contribute to the work of putting out the news? There are many ways to contribute, from writing and reporting, to book keeping, ad sales, or just offering tips.
We want to meet you all! Which day of the week and locations would be best to hold a meeting? (You may select more than one)
Fort Bragg
Point Arena
Do you think the position of "public editor," to be elected by the readers, would be a useful one?
Would you like to occasionally vote on which stories journalists would pursue?
How much would you be willing to pay, monthly, for membership in the co-op?
Would you expect to see a financial dividend from the co-op? For instance, a fraction of advertising revenue?
What do you see as the benefits & drawbacks of a local news co-op? (optional)
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