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Please share your travel details in this form to help Starboard calculate your carbon footprint from your roundtrip travel.

To fill out this form you will need to know the following for your travel to and away from the event:

1) Flight information from your journey to and from the event(s), including stopover airports and airport codes. Airport codes can be found here:

2) The total land KM's travelled and by which land vehicle. Include the return journey from your home to the airport, the airport to the event location and any other travel during the event.

Please write n/a where you do not have answers.

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If you are travelling by air, please state your full route to the event and away from the event. Using city names OR codes (e.g. London (LON > Marseille (MRS) > London (LON). Type n/a if you did not fly. *
State the total approximate KM's travelling, to and from the event. *
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Did you or your equipment travel by ferry, how many KM? *
Explain any other modes of transport and approximate KM travelled. *
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Thank you so much for taking the time to give us your travel details.
Starboard works with Worldview International Foundation to absorb CO2 emissions by planting mangrove trees in Myanmar.

Mangrove trees sequester approximately 1 tonne of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in the first 20 years of their life and create a healthy ocean habitat that acts as a nursery for plants and animals. Additionally, Mangrove trees have an amazing root system that protects the shoreline from big waves and heavy storms.

Find out more here:

Thank you for coming together for the planet!
Mangroves in Worldview International Foundation's Climate Park.
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