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Please use this form to manage your postal mail preferences.  If you received a bulk email from us, please use the unsubscribe link included in the email.

Items marked with an * are required.
Items marked [OPTIONAL] are not required to complete your request but help us to do so quickly.

IMPORTANT Privacy Notice:  Kansas Food Bank will not: (a) sell, trade or share donor’s personal information with anyone else; (b) will not send mailings on behalf of other organizations; and (c) will only share personal information if the donor has given specific permission to do so.
Name & Address
Please provide your name and address exactly as it appeared on the piece of mail you received.  The more complete the information provided, the more likely we are to be able to locate your record and make the requested changes.

If you have multiple addresses, such as a street address and a PO Box, or a former address that is getting mail, please include that information in the Notes box at the very bottom of this form as it will help us identify you and prevent duplicate mailings in the future.
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Identification Numbers
[OPTIONAL]  In order to guarantee that we correctly identify your record, please include the Donor ID and Mailer ID that are on the piece of mail you received.
Donor ID
Mailer ID
Mailing Option / Change Request
We provide several options to help you manage your mailing preferences with us:

1) DO NOT MAIL - If you choose this option, we will stop ALL mail to your address, this includes tax receipts which we normally send after EVERY donation (but not year-end tax receipt if indicated below).

2) Quarterly Newsletter - We will only send you our quarterly newsletter to keep you in the loop about what's happening here at your Kansas Food Bank.  This option is popular with donors who give monthly, either by sending in a donation or by setting up a recurring monthly gift on our website.

3) Once per Year - We will only send you one mailing per year asking for your support whenever the greatest need arises for your help.

4) Twice per Year - We will send you two mailings per year asking for your support whenever the two biggest needs arise for your help.

5) Holidays Only - We will send you our normal complement of mailings at the end of the year reminding you to give during the holiday season, particularly if we are able to secure matching donors for those campaigns allowing your gift(s) to be doubled (or more!).

6) Send ALL Mail - We will send you all of our normal mailings, which typically consists of a monthly mailer asking for your support, in addition to any special requests that may arise during the year, and mailers about matching gift opportunities that may occur.
Mailing Option *
Change Reason
[OPTIONAL]  Please let us know why you're asking us to make this change.  This information helps us to make better informed decisions about how we send mail in the future, helping us to maximize our donor's dollars and have the biggest impact possible on the lives of the people we serve.
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Tax Receipt Options
We typically send a receipt for EVERY donation you send us throughout the year and do NOT normally send a year-end summary.  You can manage how you would like us to handle your tax receipts with these three options:

1) Send a Receipt for Every Donation Made - This is our default option.  Please note, if you have chosen the DO NOT MAIL option in the Mailing Options section above, we will NOT send tax receipts for every donation.  It really means DO NOT MAIL, and we respect your choice to not get any mail from us.

2) Year-End Tax Receipt Only - If you choose this option, we will only send a summary receipt in January for your taxes which summarizes all of your giving for the prior calendar year.

3) DO NOT MAIL any Tax Receipts - If you choose this option, we will not send any tax receipts to you.  You may request a summary of your giving at any time by calling us.  Depending on your choice above in the Mailing Options section, you may still receive other mail from us.
Tax Receipt Options *
Finish Up
Thank you very much for using this form to update your mailing preferences.  We will work as quickly as we can to update your record.  Please be aware, once our mail pieces go to print and off to the post office we are unable to stop them in progress.  This means that if you have opted out of mailing you may still receive one more piece of mail within two or three weeks time depending on the time of year and volume of mail going out.
[OPTIONAL]  If we need to get in touch with you to process your request, please include your phone number.
[OPTIONAL]  If we need to get in touch with you to process your request, please include your email address.
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