DARK SPACE_ the interior
This edition of the IDEA Journal: DARK SPACE_the interior calls for built or unbuilt projects/speculations/theoretical inquiry/design inquiry:
• Interiors that catalyse symbioses (interior exterior)
• Extreme interiors that confront the human sensorium, eg confined environments, isolated environments, highly sensuous environments
• Experimental Interiors that manipulate the human sensorium
• Historical precedents of Interiors that engage the human sensorium
• Future projections of Interiors that change the human sensorium
• Physiological and or psychological analyses of Interiors that affect symbioses (interior exterior)

DARK SPACE_ the interior – invites interdisciplinary collaborations, calling on academics, practitioners and students to submit abstracts responding to the provocation

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To be completed by author/s interested in making a submission. If you are submitting more than one paper/studio/visual essay/review please complete a ‘registration of abstract’ form for each submission. Please note that all submissions must be original work and have not been published previously. Authors will need to provide proof of copyright for all images at the time of initial submission.
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