Q. 1 Which of the following phenothiazine neuroleptic is a piperidine derivative ?
Q. 2. Neuroleptics mediated parkinsonism is alleviated by
Q. 3 Which of the following drugs is both α and β blocker ?
Q. 4 Digitalis toxicity is aggravated by
Q. 5. Preferred antihypertensive drug during pregnancy is *
Q. 6 All of the following are first line antitubercular drugs except *
Q. 7 Combination of drug which is effective in the treatment of angina-pectoris is
Q. 8 Isoxuprine is used to treat
Q. 9 A young woman complains of severe abdominal pain at the time of menstruation. Carefulevaluation indicates the presence of significant endometrial deposits on the pelvicperitonium.The most rational therapy for this patient would be *
Q. 10 The primary standard used to standardize acetous perchloric acid is
Q. 11 Which of the following is used to damask zinc from the zinc-cyanide complex ?
Q. 12 The IR detector which consists of a small metal cylinder closed by a blackened metal plateon one end and a flexible metalized diaphragm on the other is
Q. 13 The Henderson’s equation states that
Q. 14. The standard redox potential of MnO4– / Mn+2 systems is
Q. 15 Which of the following is not true for Eddy diffusion in chromatography ?
Q. 16 Which of the following transitions require the lowest energy for excitation in the UV region ?
Q. 17 For the measurement of higher conductivity the cell consists of
Q. 18 The precipitating agent used to precipitate calcium as calcium oxalate in gravimetry is
Q. 19 Assay of Sulphamethoxazole is done by
Q. 20 The reagent gas used for chemical ionization in mass spectrometry is
Q. 21 The indicator electrode used in polarography is
Q. 22 The reduction of fluorescence intensity due to the complex formation of riboflavin by Caffeine is an example of *
Q. 23. In a double focusing mass spectrometer
Q. 24 The sample cells used in IR spectroscopy are made up of
Q. 25 Fischer’s ‘lock & key’ model of the enzyme action implies that
Q. 26 In the citric acid cycle, citric acid is formed by a combination of acetate & a molecule of
Q. 27 The enzymes required for the β-oxidation are present in
Q. 28 The process which contributes to purine nucleotide biosynthesis is
Q. 29 In the Eukaryotic cells, transcription complex contains *
Q. 30 Transcription bubble contains
Q. 31 The Central Pharmacy Council comprises the following members :
Q. 32 A drug shall be deemed to be adulterated if
Q. 33 Schedule T of Drugs & Cosmetics rules, 1945 deals with *
Q. 34. Form 28 is
Q. 35. Insulin injection comes under Schedule
Q. 36. Gram positive bacteria
Q. 37 Fractional sterilization method involves
Q. 38 In the microbiological assay of Bacitracin IP, the test organism used is
Q. 39 Hybridoma is
Q. 40 The oral Sabin vaccine contains
Q. 41 Log P value is a measure of
Q. 42 Donepezil is
Q. 43 During conjunction the genetic material will be transferred through
Q. 44 Primary mediators in anaphylaxis
Q. 45 Papain and opium can be grouped as
Q. 46 Which of the following auxin occurs naturally in plants ?
Q. 47 Leaf spot disease is due to
Q. 48 Alkaloidal extraction process was developed by
Q. 49 Salicin is obtained from *
Q. 50 Astragalus gummifer is the main source of
Q. 51 Melting point of coca butter is *
Q.52 Asafoetida obtained from the species of
Q.53 Caffeine is identified by
Q.54 French chalk is the synonym of
Q.55 A high ratio of auxin to cytokinin in the culture medium induces
Q.56 The analytical constant of a bark is
Q.57 The plant constituents having an astringent taste are
Q.58 The drug possessing an acrid taste is
Q.59 A novel diterpenoid isolated from the bark of Taxus brevifolia
Q.60 Citrus flavonoids are rich in
Q.61 WHO guidelines for the herbal drugs contaminants include
Q.62 An essential ingredient in the general preparation of plant tissue culture media is
Q.63 In Pharmacognosy, the crude drugs may be classified according to the following except
Q.64 Saponin containing drugs are used as
Q.65 Which of the following properties of a particle significantly affects the physical, chemical& biological properties of the drug ?
Q.66 When coulter-counter apparatus is employed for powder analysis , the following criterion is important
Q.67 The type of particle diameter that is obtained by microscope method of evaluation is
Q.68 Parenteral drug products undergo what type of testing to ensure that all microorganisms have been destroyed or removed ?
Q.69 Pharmacopieal tests for ensuring the quality of drug products in tablet form include all of the following EXCEPT
Q.70 When non polar substances dissolved in polar solvent using surfactants, the process is called *
Q.71 Tablets can be coated with various polymeric agents, which dosage form is formulated to dissolve in the intestine rather than the stomach ? *
Q.72 A substance that is often used to sub coat tablet is *
Q.73 Rat-holing phenomena relates with
Q.74 Z-value, a term used in sterilization, indicates
Q.75 Which compound is a natural emulsifying agent ?
Q.76 Rectal suppositories intended for adult use usually weigh approximately
Q.77 A satisfactory suppository base must meet all of the following EXCEPT
Q.78 Dose dumping is a problem in the formulation of
Q.79 What equation describes the rate of drug dissolution from tablets ?
Q.80. The loading dose (DL) of a drug is usually based on the
Q.81 The principle of superposition in designing multiple-dose regimens assumes that
Q.82 A type of flow in which viscosity increases when the substance is agitated in
Q.83 As per GMP permitted limit of solid content in water for injection is
Q.84 Which of the following radionuclides is most commonly used in nuclear pharmacy practice ?
Q.85 Example of a bioprecursor prodrug is
Q.86 Sedative action of C5 di substituted barbiturates is due to *
Q.87 Immuno suppressants are also useful in the treatment of autoimmune diseases like
Q.88 The three acidity constants of tetracyclines are *
Q.89 In the SAR of directly acting sympathomimetics optimal activity is seen only if the amino group is separated from the aromatic ring by
Q.90 When N – methyl group of morphine is replaced with an allyl group, the compound formed is
Q.91 The “Hemiacetal” form of aldosterone is between
Q.92 Benzathine penicillin is *
Q.93 Absolute stereochemistry of penicillin is designated as
Q.94 Biological activity of chloramphenicol is exclusively present in
Q.95 Which of the following strategies will increase the polarity and water solubility of a drug ?
Q.96 Which of the following major aims in drug design is not related to the pharmacodynamics of a drug ?
Q.97 GABA interaction with receptor results in
Q.98 Which of the following is the general mechanism of action for erythromycin ?
Q.99 Which of the following is the general mechanism of action for fluoroquinolones ?
Q.100 Which of the following antidepressant drug is also a prodrug for an anti TB agent ?
Q.101 What are the two main targets currently used in anti-HIV therapy ?
Q.102 Which isomer of diethylstilbestrol is more active ?
Q.103 Which of the following drugs is most likely to impart an orange colour to urine, sweat and tears ?
Q.104 Which of the following drug(s) is indicated for controlling hyperuricemia ?
Q.105 Which of the following drugs will significantly increase the clearance of theophylline from the body ?
Q.106 Pulmonary fibrosis is caused by all the following except
Q.107 Drug of choice in myoclonic seizure is
Q.108 The azole antifungal used topically is
Q.109 All the following are given orally except
Q.110 The insulin receptor is
Q.111 Neostigmine reverse all the actions of tubocurarine except
Q.112 The first drug of choice in acute left ventricular failure is
Q.113 Omeprazole inhibits
Q.114 Glucagon is used in overdose due to
Q.115 Prolactin secretion is increased with
Q.116 Leucovorin rescue is employed with high dose
Q.117 The cephalosporin highly active against B. fragilis is
Q.118 Opioid overdose is diagnosed from
Q.119 Transmission modes of hepatitis B virus infection- 1. parenteral 2. sexual 3. vertical 4. feco-oral
Q.120 Phase 1 reaction/reactions of drug metabolism in the liver- 1) dealkylation 2) acetylation 3) hydroxylation 4) sulphation
Q.121 Regarding antituberculous treatment,- Assertion: pyridoxine is co-administered with isoniazid Reason: pyridoxine prevents peripheral neuritis
Q.122 Regarding immunization for tetanus in patients with contaminated wounds. Assertion: tetanus toxoid administration is indicated. Reason: tetanus immune globulin neutralizes the toxin
Q.123 The functional group which contributes to the instability of aspirin is
Q.124 Which of the following drugs would NOT be expected to show appreciable absorbance in the ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum?
Q.125. Which one of the following symptoms is associated with drug-induced Parkinsonism?
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