SCBOA Camp Clinician Application
Clinicians are significant ingredients to the camp mix because they provide the valuable feedback that our officials need to improve their game.  Here are some components to great clinicians the SCBOA Camp Committee has outlined as desired of clinicians:

> A Teacher's Heart:  SCBOA Clinicians must be gifted at teaching and relaying their experiences, skills and knowledge to campers.  There are many officials that are gifted on the court or the exam, but cannot instruct.  We need instructors.

> A Rules  and Mechanics Expert:  SCBOA Clinicians MUST be NFHS rules and mechanics experts which means we teach high school rules and high school mechanics by the book. We do not allow our clinicians to discuss pet peeves, alterations to the rules or what they "like to do".  It is important that South Carolina basketball officials are on the same page and it's crucial that we all learn the same way.

> A Fair Observer: Since camp is a key component to the SCBOA Rating Score, we require that all clinicians utilize the same evaluation rubric, form and other relevant documents throughout the state.
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There are no right or wrong answers. The Camp Committee wants to be able to select clinicians on multiple facets of their abilities and this also supplies the committee a writing sample.
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I understand that I will receive, at most, $50/day for my service to SCBOA.  Additionally, I will receive 5 points toward my SCBOA Rating Score for the current three-season cycle.  Camp administrators in conjunction with the Camp Committee will fill the clinician positions on an as-needed basis utilizing the above information I have provided. *
I understand that I must attend one of the virtual meetings (or webinars) that will be offered or I cannot be considered.  The meeting will cover in-depth expectations and communicate how camps will be operated from the administration. *
I understand I must attend camp as a camper at some point in each three-year cycle. *
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