Competitive Company Audition Form 2018-2019
To audition for our 2018-19 competitive companies, the form below must be completed and submitted no later than May 1st, 2018. In addition to the form below, all participants must register for the audition "event" through their parent portal. A $35 fee will automatically post to your account and can be paid electronically (through your parent portal) or by cash/check at the studio.
Dancer's Name *
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Please list your dancer's age as of January 1st, 2019 (for some dancers this will mean listing an age different from your age today).
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If attending year-round school, please list your dancer's track below
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Please select the audition your dancer will be attending *
If you are auditioning for Junior, Teen or Senior Company: Will you be auditioning for Tap placement *
All Pre, Petite, Mini and Tween Company dancers are REQUIRED to participate in Tap
Are you a current student at Cary Dance Productions? *
If you are currently a dancer at Cary Dance Productions, please indicate the level at which you currently dance
If you are not a current member of our competitive company, please list your previous dance experience below.
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Please list any other activities you plan to be involved in during the 2018-19 season that could conflict with dance classes, competitions, rehearsals, etc.
This includes school dance company, dance teams, cheerleading, family events, etc.
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Liability Disclaimer: I give my child permission to participate in the dance audition at Cary Dance Productions and understand it is a strenuous activity. Cary Dance Productions and Cary Dance Productions' employees are not liable for personal injury or loss/damage to any personal items. *
I have read and understood the financial commitments involved with Cary Dance Productions' competitive company, including the Company Expense Overview: *
Company Expense Overview is available on our website:
I understand that if selected to join the 2018-19 competitive company, my dancer MUST attend her/his company's mandatory summer dance camp. *
July 25-29th, 2018
I understand a $35 audition fee is required to audition *
ALL dancers must enroll in the correct audition "event" through your parent portal. A $35 audition fee will automatically post to your account. Payments can be made online through your parent portal, or by cash/check at the studio. Audition fees are due no later than the day of audition.
If selected for the 2018-19 competitive company, is your dancer interested in learning/competing a solo, duet or trio? *
If so, please indicate your style and teacher preference. As a reminder, we take these notes into consideration but do not finalize our decisions based off of these interests.
If you are interested in competing a solo, duet or trio this year, please select your STYLE and TEACHER preference (you may check more than one). As a reminder, we take these notes into consideration but do not finalize our decisions based off these interests. *
Is there anything else we need to know about your dancer?
Please list any additional information below.
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I have read, understood, and agreed to all clauses in the Company Commitment Contract. *
This document can be found on our website:
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