Hedging MoneyByte against BTC, LTC, DGB, DOGE, ETH or XRP.
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Please confirm you understand this investment vehicle. You are about to stake MoneyByte against half of the percentage movement against either BTC, LTC, DGB, DOGE, ETH or XRP in $US . The $ price at entry will be as time stamped on submission of this form and be taken from on advfn.com crypto charts (see example below). You may get more or less than than you invested. For example if btc is at $8000 and rises to $9000, this is an increase of 12.5%. If you had invested 100 MON your investment would be worth 112.5 MON ( a profit of 12.5 MON) . If however btc fell to $7000 your MON investment would be worth 87.5 MON (a 12.5 MON loss). This contract has no minimum duration and will last for a period of up to one calendar month. At the end of the month the calculations will be done and the relevant amount of MON returned. *
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