2020 MEEA Conference - Presenter Submission
We are so excited to open our 2020 MEEA Conference call for presenters!

The 2020 conference will be held March 26th-28th, 2020 at Chico Hot Springs in Pray, MT.

Our conference theme is “Montana’s Many Voices: Exploring Equity and Inclusion in Environmental Education." This year we will focus on providing educators with resources to ensure their environmental education is promoting environmental literacy to all demographics and incorporating the varied perspectives from across our state.

If you believe that you have a workshop session topic that would fall into our conference strands,* please apply! You'll find the strands below but feel free to think outside of what we have described under each category. We encourage sessions that are hands-on and integrate audience participation as opposed to a more lecture style, traditional session.

Submissions are due by MONDAY OCTOBER 15th, 2019. Submissions after October 15th may not be considered. Initial selections will be announced to the submitter by Wednesday November 1, 2019.

Because we are a non-profit and all registration goes directly into funding the conference and providing mini-grants we can only offer ONE general conference registration to our presenters. Other co-presenters can register for the conference once general registration opens. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

UNDERSTANDING THE SOCIOECONOMIC SPECTRUM: In this strand, sessions will focus on perspectives driven
by socioeconomics. Have your and your organization identified the education implications for low income students in Montana? Do you and your program have some innovative strategies on how to better reach participants of all income levels in our state? If so, then this strand's for you!

SAME STRATEGIES, DIFFERENT CLASSROOMS: In this strand, sessions will focus on unique integrations of differing educational philosophies. Does your organization partner closely with a classroom year after year? What makes this work and what have you learned over time? Or if you're a classroom teacher, what type of EE strategies do you incorporate in your classroom each year? How have EE providers worked effectively with you? If this sounds familiar, then this strand's for you!

CULTURAL INCLUSION AS A FOUNDATION: In this strand, offerings will focus on perspectives driven by demographic
differences. Do you serve a diverse audience? How does your curriculum address or reflect diversity and inclusion? Have you and your organization focused on inclusivity recently? If so, how? We're hoping for sessions that celebrate and include Montana's cultural differences in teaching. If you have strategies and experience in this area, then this strand's for you!
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