Bachelor of Innovation Client Application Form for a Innovation Student Team
The Bachelor of Innovation ™ Degree (BI) students represent a cross-section of the BI program, from Electrical Engineering, Game Design, Computer Science, Computer Science – Security, plus eight areas of emphasis in Business and a BI in Inclusive Early Childhood Education, BI in Communications emphasis on Digital Film Making, BI in Music, a BI in Chemistry and a BI in Women and Ethnic Studies.

BI upper division, required courses, include three years of team coursework, focused on developing team’s ability to analyze and report, research and execute, and design and lead. Student form “consulting teams” and serve the innovation needs of clients. Often, clients are served for multiple semesters. In the past, BI clients hailed from throughout the United States – from South Carolina to Washington State as well as multiple international clients. Clients are expected to spend about an hour a week meeting with the team.

These multi-disciplinary teams are uniquely suited to meet complex client needs. Teams develop communications methods to work virtually, as well as directly with clients. The BI Client Selection Team entertains applications from a variety of clients, including for profit, non-profit, start-ups, and established entities. Clients interested in working with a BI team are required to submit an initial client application.

A member of the selection team then follows up with applicants to further discuss their application. If you were referred to the BI, please let us know so we can extend our appreciation for the referral. This is a rolling process, with client applications accepted throughout the year. Clients are selected in January and August of each year. Decisions are a delicate balance based on the type of client projects, student enrollment, student interest, and faculty staffing. Applicants not chosen for one semester are encouraged to keep their application active for consideration the following semester.

If you have questions you can contact Colleen Stiles, Director of BI Strategic Alliances. Please include BI CLIENT APPLICATION in the subject line. 719-330-0353

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Please write at least two paragraphs describing the goal for proposed project. If possible include in your discussion items such as challenges, opportunities, past successes/failures, time availability, staff assignment, and financial resources available to the project. If relative, include past experiences with student teams, either at UCCS or other institutions. Include in the discussion important issues you would like the selection team to understand; go to market strategy, exit strategy, partnerships, patents (existing, pending), or other related components.
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