College Search Guidance- Student Inquiry Form
Finding the right college fit for you child involves many different factors.  In order to best serve your family's needs, College Search Guidance would like to get to know more about your student and his/her/their college search preferences.  

Please fill out this form and the team at College Search Guidance will contact you about how to map out the best route to your student's college or post-secondary destination. 

(Please take care in completing the form as it will not save until you hit the "Submit" button on the last page.  You may want to type out some of your answers on a separate document and paste into the form just before sending.)
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Parent Information
Please let us know how to contact you first, then we will ask specific questions about your student and his/her college search preferences.
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Student Information
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Does your student know what they would like to major in? If so, please list below. Many students don't, so if not, please at least list the subject areas your student is most interested in (Science, English, Social Studies, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Math, Business, Government, Medicine, etc)
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