2020 Spiritual Health Check-Up
Your spiritual growth matters to us more than you can possibly imagine. It's for this reason every year we ask everyone who calls Grace Point "home" to take some time to reflect, think, and respond to the work God has been doing over the past 12 months. In an effort to effectively shepherd the body well we feel this is an important step you should take each year as this tool helps us in a variety of ways like: identifying new servant leaders, provide personal accountability and follow-up, discern trends for future teaching sermon series, collect stories of life change for encouraging the whole church, and give you a deeper sense of self-awareness leading to ownership.

This tool will give you a real time snapshot of your spiritual health, pinpoint areas that may need attention, and help you develop a plan to bring the three discipleship areas for your life into balance.

The three areas are:

1. Friendship with God
2. Experiencing Community in a Group
3. Leveraging Your Influence to Show Others the Love of Jesus

The Spiritual Health Check has 7 parts and takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. We want you to know that your responses are held in the highest confidence. Your personal information is not shared unnecessarily. Protecting your privacy is our primary concern.
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