ASAN Farmer Spotlight Questionnaire
In a time when we are all navigating new daily norms, one thing has remained constant; the dedication of farmers to bring food to their communities. We love our farmers, and we want to share your stories.

For the month of May, we’ll spotlight a handful of farmers every week to show pictures of their work, talk about their communities, and meditate on the future of agriculture during a pandemic.

This spotlight series is a space to tell your story, and share snapshots into your life. We're thankful for you taking the time to participate.

TO COMPLETE YOUR SUBMISSION: (1) Fill out the form below, AND (2) email us with pictures after filling out this form! **DON'T FORGET STEP 2!** GUIDELINES for these pictures are listed AFTER the questions below. PLEASE READ.
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PHOTO SUBMISSION GUIDELINES :: send 3 photos (no more, no less!) to

PHOTO GUIDELINES: We want to show the WHOLE picture of your life as a farmer, so give us some variety! Baby animals, flooded fields, beautiful sunsets, fresh spring greens, dirty hands, gloved hands... these are all winners. Show us the highs AND LOWS of farm life, and in particular farm life during COVID-19. Show us images that convey the particular spirit of YOUR unique farm.

Include at least one photo of YOU and/or one with your farm family/team “in action” (i.e. in the field, in the wash station, at market -- not a head shot). Have fun with these!

Make sure these photos are in focus, high enough resolution for Instagram, and roughly the same proportions (no cropped faces!)

Let us know what order you want the photos to run in, if you have a preference.

And DON'T FORGET TO INCLUDE CAPTIONS! Make sure the captions are easily identifiable / matchable to each photo.
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