OG Coil Cables IC
People like thick cables. People like coils. Some people really like the aesthetic of cables off of vintage keebs. Why not combine those things into a modern equivalent? That's what I'm trying to do here. Dubbed "OG Coil" Cables, these are meant to replicate the look of vintage cables through thicc insulation and factory made coils that can stand more abuse than hand made coils. Right now the tentative specs of the cables are:

8mm cable OD
110cm overall length in the following layout:
USB(B/Mini/Micro/C)---4cm---///30cm///---76cm----USB A
Matte black insulation
Tentative pricing of $25-$30
MOQ of 100

These are the current specs that I've requested quotes for from the manu, but they could easily be changed. I'll put some questions below concerning what could be changed about the cables.

Example Cable
Are you interested in cables of this style? *
Which color would you prefer? *
Each color would most likely have the same 100 MOQ as above, meaning multiple colors may not be viable.
What thiccness would you like? *
Price is somewhat related to overall thiccness
Do you prefer more coils or more overall length? *
More coils = less total length, more total length = less coils
Coil size preference? *
Bigger coils gives less coils per length of cable, smaller coils gives more coils per length of cable
Any other comments?
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