NWPA 2020 Show Host Application
Hard Copies of all forms and additional show site information should be sent to Kyle@Rhapsodywinterguard.org

After submitting you will also be sent a copy of this form and a show host contract to be signed and returned as soon as possible.
General Info
A) Purpose
The Northwest Pageantry Association (NWPA) would like to thank you for your consideration in hosting a NWPA sanctioned show. In order to assist you, we have assembled this Show Host Application packet for you. This packet includes information that you will need to know in preparation for hosting.

B) Handbook Availability
The NWPA has assembled a complete handbook that will provide you all of the necessary information needed to host a successful show. The handbook is available from the NWPA Show Coordinator and will be distributed once show hosts have been selected.
Awarding of contests
Part 2: Awarding of Contests

The Show Selection Committee is chaired by the NWPA Show Coordinator and its members are appointed by the President of the NWPA. The Committee shall consider every application and will include the follow criteria during the selection process:

• History of show hosting
• Appropriateness of facilities (size of gym and warm-up areas, parking, etc.)
• Attendance at Fall Meeting and Show Host Meeting
• Other factors as determined by the Committee and Executive Board

Only one (1) regular season show will be awarded to an organization unless there are no other sponsors available.
Show hosts will be notified by email
Completing the Contest Bid Form
All potential show hosts must complete the enclosed Contest Bid forms and return it with all of the required information to the NWPA Show Coordinator. The deadline for the Show Host Applications is September 29th
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Show Host deposits are due November 2nd ($100)
Contest Agreement
The Show Host will provide the following:
• One, or more, attendee(s) at the Show Host meeting on TBD.

• Remit a $100 non-refundable show sponsor fee to the NWPA office by December 2019.

• Turn in gym schematic, school campus map, and contest information sheet to the NWPA by December 2018.

• Return the signed contract by the Fall meeting.

• Return a signed Equipment Liability Release form

• Provide digital pictures of the gym floor, stands (pulled out), entrance door, and staging area

• Provide a signed facility request form and contact person for verification

• Schedule a face-to-face meeting and site tour with the NWPA Show Coordinator, by December 1st. Hosts who have held a contest within the last 2 years are exempt.

• Suitable parking areas including traffic control for control of competing units’ vehicles, buses and spectator parking.

• Prepare the contest floor at least three (3) hours before the event. The floor must be equipped with two (2) tables for awards, gym lights turned on, basketball hoops pulled up, and the bleachers pulled out.

• Check-In areas are set-up and staffed two (2) hours before the event.

• Judges areas are clearly marked off (halfway up and at the top of the stands on each side of the center line). The Timing & Penalty Judge and Contest Director can assist with this.

• Aisles should be clearly marked providing easy access the stands.

• Provide hospitality rooms for judges, directors and NWPA staff. Provide meals for the judges and NWPA staff and snacks for the directors. Menus must be approved by the Contest Director at least one (1) week prior to the event.

• If a host publishes a program for the event, the NWPA may provide a one (1) ad at no cost to the NWPA.

• Assign experienced and/or responsible people to the competitors and spectators’ entrances to take tickets and disperse wristbands and/or hand stamps.

• Assign a show announcer, at least 18 years of age, that is able to speak clearly and act maturely.

• Provide runners to carry score sheets and digital voice recorders from the judges to the tabulation area. The NWPA will provide score sheets and digital voice recorders.

• Provide all food and additional concessions (flowers, shout-outs, etc.) and your school will retain all the profits made from these sales.

• Organizations selling merchandise thru a third-party vendor must pay the vendor fee to the school. Fee schedule is published in the Fee & Compensation Schedule of the Association and will be provided at the Show Host meeting.

• Assemble a cleanup crew to clean your facility during and after the event. This includes cleaning off and folding the NWPA floor tarp.

• Clearly identify with posters/signs where changing facilities, bathrooms, concessions, gymnasiums, warm-up areas, judges and directors’ hospitality and tabulation areas are located at the site.

• Provide staff to sell 50/50 tickets for the NWPA scholarship fund generating $100 in profit, or donate $100 to the NWPA scholarship fund.

• The NWPA reserves the right to cancel any contest up until sixty (60) days before the show.

• Internet access must be made available to the NWPA staff for tabulation and administrative purposes.
We, the undersigned sponsoring unit (herein known as “Show Host”), acknowledge that we shall host a NWPA sanctioned event at a facility to be detained by us on a date determined by the Northwest Pageantry Association.

We understand and agree to the terms stated herein and have received and agreed to the terms contained in the NWPA Contest Host Handbook and the NWPA Policies & Procedures Manual.

Also, we understand that if unforeseen circumstances occur and we are unable to host the NWPA contest as agreed to, we are responsible for finding an approved alternative location.
Any additions, deletions, or general changes mad to this contract MUST be don’t in writing and signed by (1) the Show Host and (2) the NWPA Show Coordinator. The Show Host and the NWPA Show Coordinator shall each retain a digital copy of this contract.
Do you agree and acknowledge to these terms ?
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