The unofficial TWDE Owner Map
Ideally this community made tool will help with three things.
1 help guilds plot there land
2 help guilds and people find each other.
3 help connect people who want to trade plots (so they both get plots close to their guild)

also if you have any errors or problems please DM draconic ink
what is your discord user name? *
Can I add your discord name to your plots do you wish to remain anonymous? *
This will help people net work with each other.
What TWDE guild are you going to be apart of. *
Can I add your Guild name under your plots? *
This will allow those who have land close to you to see what TWDE guild to join. This also gives the possibility for people to find people who have different plots that then they my want to trade spots.
Did you win a bid on an exact plot? *
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