Good Producer Program: Mentor Application

We are The BoredomFighters, and we help people harness their inner music through the magic of music production.

The Good Producer Program (GPP) was created to help connect the next generation of beat-makers with legit music producers like yourself!

We are looking to assemble a global core of producers that are willing to donate 1-2 hours per month to help mentor underserved youth who have showed us a deep passion for music making and are ready to take things to the next step!

This works through 2 different methods;  #Instrument Garden Workshops & 1-on-1 Mentorships

HOW IT WORKS #Instrument Garden Workshops:

Step 1) We setup a mobile studio at a school, camp, library, cave, anywhere there might be a small community (typically underserved areas)

Step 2) We guide the room through the production process: including but not limited to;
sampling organic noises, making a beat with them, recording and playing some instruments (digital and physical), recording and writing vocals, dancing like chickens, etc.
See full workshop breakdown here:

Step 3) The audience gets a polished track and a taste of what it feels like to be in the studio.

Step 4) Some kid gets to see that this is accessible and we open a whole new world of potential for them as creators and possibly save them from boredom forever.

These opportunities are typically volunteer, sometimes we get paid opportunities and the pay goes directly to the educators (you).  

We communicate about these things in a slack channel that you are invited into once approved.

HOW IT WORKS 1-on-1 Mentorships:

Step 1) You attend at least one of our workshops in person for training on the way we flow.

Step 2) After a background check, you're placed on our roster of certified Good Producers™.

Step 3) You will be provided a calendar every month to set dates that you can be available to provide your services. This can be updated on the fly to accommodate any sudden changes in availability.

Step 4) The kids (along with their grownups) will be given the opportunity to choose from the list of producers that we have onboard based on the type of music that you make and your availability. *Website infrastructure currently being built for this*

Step 5) Once you get through your introductory session with your new Young Producer, the kids can choose their monthly session time and schedule with you, or chose to try another producer (based on availability).

Step 6) You session w/ the kid over Zoom (or in some cases at one of our Colorado studios with grownup permission) and help them craft their sound. Hearing what they progress on musically, providing feedback, and being there for them as a friend in their musical journey.

This is a volunteer position!
HOWEVER; once demand is high enough - we will begin offering this to more privileged students that can afford to pay, in turn opening up a new revenue stream for you if you have time to take on more hours and students in exchange for an hourly pay.

Thank you for applying! We'll see you in the studio soon enough.

Instagram: @boredomfightersfoundation

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