MEE421 Gas Turbine - group registration Jan 2019
Date of Visit
Thursday 21 February 2019

Your group will create a sheet of INFOGRAPHIC whose content answers one of the following questions. Your group will be given one question in random order on Thursday 31 January 2019

1. You must register your group by 12.00 Wednesday 30 January 2019 via this link
2. The document should be able to print on a sheet of A3 paper.
3. The INFOGRAPHIC must be in English language.
4. The content must be referenced where applicable.
5. Submission deadline Wednesday 27 February 2019 21:00 via a GOOGLE FORM link (to be posted later)
6. Your group will be given 5 minutes to present this infographic in class on Thursday 28 February 2019. Language of
presentation may be in English or Thai. Printing your infographic to class is optional.

This exercise carries a maximum of 10 marks of the total scores with the following breakdown.
- 50% is given to the technical accuracy and whether it addresses your chosen question.
- 20% is given to the research effort. Is your content well referenced?
- 20% is given to the presentation on Thursday 28 February 2019
- 10% is given to Question & Answer during the presentation. Every group must ask some questions.

1. What is a combined cycle and what are its advantages over other types? What are the reasons for EGAT to choose combined cycle power plants?
2. What are the components in a combined cycle power plant? Identify each component technical specifications.
3. Trends of electricity supply and demand (consumption and generation) in Thailand? Do we have enough natural
resources to power Thailand in the next 50 years?
4. What is the electricity generation capacity of South Bangkok Power Plant? How much (percentage) does South
Bangkok Power Plant contribute to the power demand? Where does the rest of the energy come from?
5. What is the South Bangkok Power Plant main fuel? Where do they come from? What are the specifications of
these fuels? What are the alternatives if the main fuel supply faces disruption?
6. What is the typical efficiency of the power plant and each component? Identify the parameters that affect
efficiency, both natural and man-made, and estimate the efficiency sensitivity.
7. How can we improve the cycle efficiency? How much financial impact does 1% efficiency increase cause? What
are the ways to improve efficiency or increase output by 1%?
8. Which component requires the most maintenance? How much does it cost? How often must it be done? What are
the main cause of failure? How do you repair those parts? How do you do preventive maintenance?
9. How many people are needed to operate the power plant? What are their responsibilities? Show the organization
structure of a typical power plant. How do they train new staff?
10. What are the environmental concerns? What kind of pollution do power plants generate? Do they have any plans
for the future to improve the pollution concern?

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