Goya Question...(for Goyans only)
Please take 2 minutes to think about this question and answer honestly. Let us know your grade, so if we split up into Jr & Sr GOYA's we will know where the answers came from. THIS IS A CONTINUATION FROM OUR MARCH 22ND MEETING.
What is something you hear from society (in general, on TV, from friends, from school, on social media) that you either: 1) Disagree with, 2) Think is wrong, 3) sounds crazy, 4) Is exaggerated or 5) just doesn't feel right. IN OTHER WORDS, you might hear something and say to yourself, "where do they come up with this stuff?" THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWER - be honest and open. *
Your Grade *
So if we split up into Jr & Sr GOYA's we know which answer from above we should talk about.
Any thing else you want to share or ask?
For Orthodox fun...what's you favorite Holy Week Service?
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