Volunteer Opportunity- Initial Assessment Interviewer for the United Nations Universal Periodic Review Report for Ethiopia
Background Information

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a process by which the Human Rights Council reviews the human rights records of the 193 UN member countries. The UPR process allows countries to evaluate their own human rights progress and to allow other member states to evaluate progress as well as make recommendations for future action. Each country is reviewed every four and half years.

Ethiopia’s periodic review will happen in the autumn of 2018. This periodic review is very important because Ethiopia has a very poor record of committing human rights abuses; one of the worse that receives USA foreign aid. This is especially pertinent to our community because of the large MN diaspora from the Horn of Africa, including the largest Oromo diaspora in the world. The Oromo are the largest ethnicity in Ethiopia.

An UPR report is a very important tool to pressure the Ethiopian government to end its human rights violations. There are several ways human rights advocates can get involved in the UPR process, most significantly through submitting a stakeholder report and lobbying other nations. The Advocates for Human Rights, a Minnesota based NGO, is collaborating with Ethiopian diaspora to submit stakeholder reports to UPR.

Volunteer Description

The volunteer will meet with Minnesota Ethiopian diaspora who might be have information which can be used for the Advocates UPR report. The volunteer will explain the process including the confidentiality of the source of information submitted in the UPR. Do an initial assessment of the information to see if it meets the standard set for the UPR. Collect contact information and any other information needed for the person to participate in the next step. Forward questions and concerns to appropriate person as indicated. Time to conduct interviews can vary from 45 to 90 minutes.

Volunteer Requirements

• Strong interpersonal skills
• Ability to respect confidentiality
• Experience working cross culturally
• Commit to a minimum of 3 interviews (minimum time commitment approximately 4 hours)
• Flexible schedule
• Access to transportation and willingness to travel to interview in greater Twin Cities metro area
• Attend 2 hour training
• Complete volunteer application

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