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1. Email and call both locations. Leave a voice mail message ASKing for a phone call
2. Speak with your MP summarizing the email. ASK them to share & speak with Ministers Bains and Morneau & about a comprehensive and inclusive emergency assistance response for the technology sector that includes broader consultation.
3. Let us know how it went on this form or by - email /613 697 8818

Sample email and call content:

Dear Minister/Hon X, We met at 1,2,3, or I saw you speak at 1,2,3 (optional but it helps).

Thank you for the care for Canadians and proactive programs during this crisis. I am concerned Canada lacks a swift and comprehensive emergency COVID19 strategy for the technology sector, specifically;
1. Canadians $36B annual innovation investment and endowment are at risk of being lost.
2. We can NOT afford to lose tech SMEs that outpaced jobs and economic growth at almost twice the national average. Like the 2008 downturn, our technology talent, intellectual property and entrepreneurial leadership is targeted for off shoring and acquisition severely hindering Canada's strategic capabilities and setting the sector back a decade.
3. We need to protect this agile future economy, jobs, tax base and GDP engine as our oil and gas, natural resources and tourism/transport are unlikely to make a fast recovery NOW. Canada's way of life, health care and gov services need strong GDP contributors to recover. Technology needs to be included in Canada's economic playbook.

This is an urgent matter & I'd like to have a call to discuss. 

Kind regards 

Enclosed: Digital-first, accountable, swift, program proposal from the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance. This is one alternative option to address emergency assistance programs with low uptake, get people off of CERB, and can help save up to 4M jobs. The proposal is based upon Canada's largest innovation program left behind in an emergency response.

( Download the 2 links below. Include as email attachments)

10 Minute Phone call - MP Messaging
You don't need to be an expert. Relay your concern & ask for action.

Goal - Science & tech as a priority strategic thrust (stimulus & protection supported) for future readiness.
The RR Fund is one part of a workable solution for science & tech gaps in assistance eligibility & uptake.
A short term protective measure to shore up the science and technology eco-system and to encourage the retention of sovereign IP and talent as a foundation for bridging to the future. This uses SR&ED data as a pre-qualification to right size a bridge loan, partially forgivable based upon IP and talent staying in Canada.

Canada has alot to lose without action
relevance on the world stage as part of the future,
Sovereign IP, talent, Innovation investment endowments of Canadians

MP ASK: forward the documents to Ministers Morneau, Bains & Deputy Prime Minister Freeland, request the issue and proposal be seriously considered by Cabinet & to report on their feedback.

If your MP is Ministers Freeland, Bains or Morneau, the ask will be to have a conference call with the CEO of CATA, Suzanne Grant.

Two files to download and attach:
Why -
Solution option:

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