IDDAW Activity Tracking for Commercial Driver Training Schools
This form is for commercial driver training schools. Once the campaign is completed, please compile data for your school and and report your school's cumulative results within this activity tracking form.  Please enter activity for each individual location of a school site separately.
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What is the street address, city, state and zip of your particular school? *
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How many students are in your commercial school? *
Approximately how many students are in your driver education program annually?   *
Please enter the estimated total number of minutes of class time dedicated to the topic of distracted driving in all of your driver education classes this semester.  (please enter minutes, not hours) *
How many posters and signs have been placed around this commercial school site? *
How many announcements have been made at this site? *
If you sent a mass email to families, how many families were reached? *
If you sent mailers home to families, how many families were reached? *
How many flyers were distributed at sporting events, parent nights, in the cafeteria, and/or in the class rooms? *
How many banners were displayed around the school/community? *
Is information regarding distracted driving on your commercial school webpage? *
Was the event covered by your local newspaper? *
Was the event covered by your local radio station? *
Was the event covered by your local television station? *
How many students created posters? *
How many students created radio ads or made announcements? *
How many students handed out resources to peers or people in the community? *
How many parent/student pledges against distracted driving were signed? *
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