CSU Geosciences Friends/Alumni Interest Form
Dear CSU Geosciences Friends and Alumni,

We invite you, as a member of the worldwide CSU Geosciences community, to share your interests with us in an online friends and alumni survey.

Might you be interested in:

o visiting the department to present a guest lecture in a course?

o assisting with a student field trip?

o supporting and advising our AAPG, SEG, or other student club activities and mentoring?

o becoming a mentor to enhance student preparation for geosciences careers?

This brief survey (just three pages) asks these and other questions to help us better align alumni and department interests.

Your participation in this survey will contribute substantially to advancing our department and college activities to enrich the academic and professional preparation of undergraduate and graduate students. If you have questions regarding the form, please contact us at: wcnr_GEO_info@mail.colostate.edu. Thank you!

Rick Aster
Department Head
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