Study on the influence of PPP (O&M) & CSR on Road Safety & Pothole Management

This questionnaire is part of my doctoral thesis work. I request you to kindly share your response for all the questions.

This may take about 10-15 mins of your time. I am very thankful for your time, effort and sharing.

This questionnaire is meant for capturing insights from General Public/ Citizen, Employees. CSR & HR teams and Top Management. Kindly choose your role that you play and accordingly the related questions would be shown.

If you think any of your known friends, colleagues or anyone you know would be able share and add value, kindly share this questionnaire link with them too.

Your responses and your demographic information is confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

Thank you for your support for my research work.

Best Regards,
Ph.D Scholar- Management Science
Alliance University
+91 9972711331

Few Acronyms / terms used in the questionnaire, which you may be familiar:-
PPP-Public Private Partnership
O&M- Operations & Maintenance
CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility
RS- Road Safety
PM- Pothole Management
EEV-Employee Engagement & Volunteerism
EHS-Environment, Health & Safety
TT- Tools and Technology
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