QUFA letter of support for PSAC 901 bargaining
Attn: Queen’s Faculty Relations Office
Mark Green, Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)
Patrick Deane Principal and Vice-Chancellor

We are writing to you as members of QUFA to affirm our support for the bargaining demands of PSAC local 901.

Members of PSAC 901 are our fellow researchers and educators at Queen’s. We recognize their labour as essential to the University’s operations and to maintaining our status as one of the top-ranked institutions in the country. The significant contributions of our graduate student colleagues have helped to keep Queen’s operational throughout the pandemic. Yet, we also recognize that the difficult working conditions under COVID-19 have reinforced and worsened the precarious nature of graduate student labour.

As instructors and researchers we are concerned with the resistance the administration has shown to PSAC 901’s demands for guarantees around preventive and responsive mental health supports. As Queen’s seeks to advance a broad Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Indigeneity agenda, we are also concerned that the administration has not yet agreed to the provision of, and fair compensation for, mandatory anti-racism and sexual violence prevention training that this broader agenda requires.

Mental health support guarantees, paid and mandatory training in anti-racism and sexual violence prevention are important and reasonable demands to help ameliorate the workplace climate of graduate student employees at Queen’s. Such measures would be of benefit to all members of the Queen’s community and are essential for achieving important institutional EDII goals.

We understand that Queen’s is suggesting that negotiation of certain issues be postponed until the next round of bargaining because of the current pandemic situation. But these are long-standing issues that the pandemic has made more pressing . Graduate student workers are in immediate need of support. Now is the time to address mental health issues and to take concrete steps to address the well-documented racism and sexual violence at Queen’s.

We strongly urge you to negotiate a fair deal with PSAC Local 901.


Adams, Mary Louise - Professor, Kinesiology and Health Studies
Adeniyi-Ogunyankin, Grace - Assistant Professor, GNDS & GPPL
baba, h. burcu - Adjunct Assistant Professor, Gender Studies
Bertrand, Karine - Associate professor, Film and Media
Bonier, Fran - Associate Professor, Biology
Burke, Frank - Adjunct, Film and Media
Butler, Nancy- Assistant Professor, Gender Studies
Cappello, Alicia - Librarian
Castleden, Heather - Associate Professor, Geography and Planning
Colautti, Robert - Associate Professor, Biology
Eckert, Christopher - Professor, Biology
Guerrero, Adonay - Adjunct, Film and Media
Hall, Rebecca - Assistant Professor, Global Development Studies
Holzschuh, Monika - Faculty, LLCU
Houghtaling, Melissa - Assistant Professor/Adjunct, Gender Studies
Husain, Adnan - Associate Professor, History
Kukreja, Reena - Global Development Studies
Lee, Eun-Young - Assistant Professor, Kinesiology & Health Studies
Little, Margaret- Full Professor, Political Studies and Gender Studies
Lord, Susan - Professor, Film and Media
McKittrick, Katherine - Professor, Gender Studies 
McNeil, Daniel - Professor, Gender Studies
Menotti, Gabriel - Assistant Professor, Film & Media
Moore, Steven - Assistant Professor, Smith School of Business
Morgensen, Scott - Associate Professor, Gender Studies
Naaman, Dorit - Professor, Film and Media
Rudie, Karen - Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Salah, Trish - Associate Professor and Graduate Chair, Gender Studies
Salverson, Julie - Professor, Dan School of Drama and Music
Tomac, Ayca - Adjunct/Assistant Professor, Global Development Studies/Cultural Studies
Vena, Dan - Adjunct Assistant Professor, Film and Media

(* signatures collected each day will be added the the list on the following day)
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