ML4H Camera Ready Submission
We ask that all camera ready work be submitted to the arXiv (

After you've uploaded your paper to the arXiv, please fill out this form to give us the PDF link.

Camera Ready Deadlines:
* submit to arXiv by Dec 1, 2017
* complete this form (with official arXiv URL) by Dec 4, 2017

In the comments field of the arxiv submission, you should write:

Accepted poster at NIPS 2017 Workshop on Machine Learning for Health (

We won't take any PDFs not posted to arXiv.

If you'd rather not make your work public on the web yet, that's fine, just put "" as the dummy URL in this form.

Paper Number *
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Paper Title *
How you'd like the final title to appear (OK if slightly different from original title)
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Paper Authors *
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What have you changed in response to reviews? *
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