AB540 & Undocumented Student Center Outreach Form
The Outreach Program’s purpose is to empower undocumented students to pursue higher education by sharing relevant information and resources to help them achieve their higher educational goals. Our intent is solely to provide undocumented students with information that is relevant to their educational pursuits by opening dialogue between the audience and presenters and a safe space during our presentation.

The AB540 and Undocumented Student Center, as a neutral and nonpartisan entity whose aim is to support students in their educational journey has the right to deny presentations in settings that do not adhere to our presentation guidelines.

During our outreach efforts, we typically cover information on the Assembly Bill 540, the California Dream Act, and the resources provided by the AB540 & Undocumented Students Center to prospective students and members of the undocumented community in the Northern California Region.

If you would like information on current political climate impacting the undocumented community, we still encourage you to fill out the form. Shortly after, you will receive an additional questionnaire to determine whether or not we are able to meet your presentation needs.

Thank you!
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