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Mark the roles, you do play during the day *
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Write verbs that characterizes you in each of your roles *
(for example: beauty - breathtaking or quiet charming, mother - kind/disciplining/beautiful/busy etc.)
How many hours do you spend in every of your roles? *
per day or per week
Your lifestyle: *
Your work area and work position: *
Time diagram (to be filled up by the stylist)
Describe your current image *
How, do you think others sees you; how would you describe you if you:) were them? (use verbs or visualize the image)
Your favourite and most disliked colors *
The reason for using a stylist
Your life goals and tasks, which a style image would help to implement; for example: to increase selfasuredness/ to feel harmony between inner and outer you / to get a position, etc.)
To what extent do your wardrobe match your wishes, tasks and goals?
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Do your wardrobe help you to look attractive and impress others AS MUCH AS YOU NEED? *
Do you have clothes for every one of your roles in your wardrobe? *
(write what area/role create most of the problems you experience and what kind of problems they are)
My knowledge about my individuality is the following: *
My figure changes in this way in case of gaining the weight: *
What is your attitude to changes in your appearance? *
Conservatism index (to be filled out by the stylist)
Would you allow an interference with your natural look?
What kind of problems about your image worries you most of all?
Expected result of the cooperation with the stylist:
What imagination would your new look infer in others when you've reached your goal? *
(use verbs or describe your look/image)
What kind of work on your wardrobe would you prefer?
(that depends on your budget as well)
What is your planned budget for your wardrobe change?
What way of receiving information would be best for you? *
Style direction test
Choose preferred variant for every row
Your results: *
So many: A - ..., B - ..., C -..., D - ...
By this my person can be mentioned at IdLook's homepage in "before" and "after" *
(no "no make-up" or "in tricot" pictures would be uploaded)
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