Itemized Deductions Sch A Long Form
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To be able to itemized deductions you will need deductions totaling more then $6,350 if filling single, $12,700 if married filling jointly, & $9,350 if filling head of household. Otherwise we will use the higher standard deduction.
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Medical Insurance
Don't include Medi-care from 1099-SSA form
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Medical Miles
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All other medical
Doctors, dentists, prescriptions, hospitals
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DMV Fees
Total all DMV fees
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Mortgage interest, RE taxes, & mortgage insurance information will be taken from your 1098 forms. Please do not duplicate the 1098 numbers on the worksheets. Please send all 1098 mortgage interest paid forms with your tax papers
Personal residence property taxes not listed on 1098 forms
Do not enter rental property taxes here, enter on rental worksheet instead
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Personal residence mortgage interest not reported on 1098
Including livable RV, Boat, etc. (Do not enter rental mortgage interest here, enter on rental worksheet instead)
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Total sales tax paid on large items
Purchased or leased motor vehicles, RV, aircraft, boat, home, building materials (link to full list
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Total Cash Donations
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Total Non-Cash Donations
If over $500 Please complete Donated Property Worksheet - You can complete later or click on link now (note: new worksheet will open in new tab, do not close this tab as you may lose your work)
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Charity Miles
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Gambling losses
To the extent of winnings (you can say Max & we will calculate)
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Un-reimbursed employee expenses
Please list out
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