Volunteer Inquiry Form

Please review your submission for accuracy and completeness. If selected as a VOLUNTEER, you will be contacted by a board member via email or phone with additional details related to volunteering with the chapter.

As a volunteer-run organization serving workplace learning and performance professionals, we value the efforts of our volunteers. We strive to meet our members' needs through our combined collaborative efforts, and we are dedicated to doing everything possible to making all volunteers’ experiences with the organization ones which they will treasure and remember long after assignments have been completed.

Because great volunteer efforts are the lifeblood of the organization, and because less-than-satisfactory efforts are a burden to all involved, we have provided the following guidelines to prepare our volunteers for their efforts on our behalf.

ATDCFL relies on volunteers to provide engaging experiences for our members. We look for volunteers who are willing to share their expertise without expectation of payment in the spirit of networking and professional development, a purpose for which ATDCFL was founded over 35 years ago.

Basic Expectations for the Organization and Volunteers

Volunteers have an absolute right to expect that they will:

• Be offered assignments which are clearly defined before the volunteers accept those assignments and that the assignments will involve an appropriate use of the volunteers’ skills and experience.

• Be treated professionally and courteously, and made to feel that they are part of a well-functioning team throughout the time they are involved as volunteers for the organization.

• Have a direct leader to whom they will report for the duration of the project with which they are involved.

• Receive appropriate orientation and/or training for all assignments they accept.

• Receive timely notifications of any changes in the procedures they are expected to follow while volunteering with us.

• Be able to report any problems they have with their assignments (change of scope in work, difficulties with fellow volunteers or supervisor, unexpected difficulties in completing the assignment) immediately to the project leader or, if the leader is part of the problem, to the member overseeing the project or volunteers) for immediate resolution.

Those supervising volunteers have an absolute right to expect that volunteers will:

• Discuss any reservations they have about accepting an assignment before agreeing to become part of a project, and will complete the responsibilities of their assignments as defined when they agree to participate.

• Act professionally and courteously, as part of a well-functioning team, throughout the time they are involved as volunteers for the organization.

• Follow the direction and guidance of their direct leader for the duration of the project; keep their project leader aware of their progress and any difficulties they face in completing assignments within the established deadlines; and notify their project supervisor immediately if they need to withdraw from a project.

• Attend any orientation and/or training required for the assignments they accept, and that they will be on time for all meetings and events with which they are involved as volunteers.

• Be notified in a timely fashion by project leaders of any changes in procedures they are expected to follow while volunteering.

• Work with project leaders to resolve any difficulties which arise in the course of the volunteers’ work with us.

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