Registration for BEN Annual Meeting 2014, Esna, Estonia
Baltic Ecovillage Network has its annual meeting from 17-19th of April. It is hosted by Network of Estonian Eco-communitites and will take place 100km from Tallinn, in Esna manor house. Esna manor hosts often alternative events and there is an active community of "green" people in the area.
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The TESTS II project will cover the travel, food and accommodation costs for 2 representatives of each country. For other participants the food and accommodation costs are 72 euros for 3 days.
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The organisers intend to car pool or organise some transport from Tallinn to Esna on the evening of 16th.
Do you offer a lift to and from Esna?
If you have any spare places in your car please let us know. Also when and from where will you travel.
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Do you plan to join the visit Lilleoru ecovillage?
We plan to visit Lilleoru on Sunday after breakfast and leaving Esna. We'll have a walk and possibly a meal there. Lilleoru is located in Aruvalla, 25 km from Tallinn and on the way from Esna to Tallinn.
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At what time do you need to be back in Tallinn for your trip back home?
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Special Needs
We will provide simple and seasonal yet really delicious local vegan or vegetarian food. Please let us know if you have any special restrictions or needs. We make our best to accommodate them.
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