Mean, Median, Mode, Range
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Question 1: Find the mean of the data set 18, 36, 24, 36, 30, and 36 *
Question 2: Find the mean, median, mode, and range of the data set shown below *
Question 3: Find a set of 5 items that has a range of 9, a mean of 15, a median of 14, and a mode of 11 *
Question 4: The Oceanography Club sold art calendars in order to raise money. The table lists the number of calendars each member sold during the first two weeks of the sale. Find the range of the data *
Question 5: The line plot shows the number of pets owned by students in Mr. Kemp's class. Each X represents one student. What is the mode number of pets that students own? *
Question 6: The bar graph shows the number of books that were taken out of the library each day during the school week. What is the range of the data? *
Question 7: The approximate mean elevations for several states are listed in the table below. What is the median of the data set? *
Question 8: Ms. Frizzle asked her students to record how many hours they spent studying mathematics each month. She then displayed the results on the line plot below. What is the MEDIAN of this data set? *
Question 9: What is the MODE of the same data set above? *
Question 10: What is the RANGE of the same data set above? *
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