SME Leadership Conference 2019
The SME Leadership Conference 2019 is geared toward current SME Leaders who seek to take their businesses to the global plateau in the Industry 4.0 environment. For any business, success and sustainability is reliant on the capability of the Leadership team. The SME Leadership Conference 2019 theme of “Breaking Barriers, Challenging Assumptions” seeks to transform your business whilst leveraging on the various initiatives provided by the government. The Malaysian government has been highly supportive of the SME growth in Malaysia. Their aim is to ensure SMEs contribute 62% to employment, 42% to national GDP and 25% to Malaysia’s exports by 2020. This Conference showcases the initiatives and how they can be of assistance to SMEs. Malaysian SME Leaders now need to break their mould, challenge their assumptions and expand overseas in order to achieve these aspirations. This conference is a full-day immersive experience that aims to transform the way you look, manage and lead your business.
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