Cornwall Vegan Festival Stallholder Application Form
Thank you for your interest in joining us at Cornwall Vegan Festival! All items on sale, display or available must be vegan. Please note: we have limited indoor availability. If you can provide your own gazebo, you will face less competition! The festival will take place on 13th April 2019 at Mount Pleasant Eco Park in Porthtowan, between 11am and 5pm.

Important information about this form:
Before completing this form please take note of the considerations we will be using in making our selection.

Preference will be given to vegan stall holders. Please let us know in the appropriate area of the form if you are vegan.

Preference will be given to vegan only businesses; those businesses that cater for vegetarians or 'meat eaters' will be allocated space accordingly. Please make sure that only vegan food and products suitable for vegans are brought to and promoted at the Festival.

In addition to vegan food, cosmetics, products etc. ethical businesses and charities will be accommodated as far as is possible within our 'mix' of stalls and our space considerations.

How the application process works. Please read carefully to avoid confusion or upset.
You have been linked to this form by an email or online link through the website. Please complete the application form fully with as much information as possible to the best of your abilities.

We receive the applications forms and review them. This may take up to 4 weeks, so please be patient. In order to process everyone's application as fairly and as quickly as possible, please get your form back to us asap.

When we have allocated stall space, we will send you an 'offer', which will match your requirements to the best of our capacity.
[If you have been unsuccessful we will let you know at this stage, and you will automatically be put on the 'cancellation list' unless you inform us otherwise].

If you accept our 'offer', we will invoice you for the amount agreed stated on this form.

If you decline our 'offer', you will be put on the 'cancellation list' in case a more suitable stall space becomes available.
You can at this stage decline to be added to this list.

If you apply after all the stalls have been allocated, you will also be put on the 'cancellation list'.

Once we have received your payment and any other documentation needed, typically this includes public and employers' liability, PAT documents on electrical equipment and copies of hygiene certificates, we will send you a receipt and confirm your stall space.

We cannot CONFIRM the booking until we have received all the necessary documentation.

Terms and conditions can also be found on our website:
In addition caterers will be subject to additional terms and conditions, please read carefully, thank you.

All stalls/stall spaces are provided at the discretion of the organising committee.

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