Write On Speak Out: Lockdown Voices 2020
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Guidelines for submissions
1. Schools, organisations or whanau are limited to three (3) submissions
2. Individuals are limited to one (1) submission.
3. Submissions may be in any writing form but should not exceed 500 words on a first draft with the expectation this will be edited to closer to 300 words for publication.
4. Collaborative submissions are welcome
5. Submitters are open to their work being supported and edited by our tutors. Feedback will be given via Google docs and we expect the writer to respond and redraft using the same doc within 2-3 days.
6. Submitters may get two or even three feedbacks to help them redraft and polish their work. That will mean we really like it!
7. Submissions should be in WORD or Google docs. No PDFs or screenshots please.
8 . Submissions will be via our form from June 8th to June 26, or until we reach capacity.

Please check that you have read the guidelines for submissions above: *
Requirements for Publication and Permissions
1. By submitting, writers will agree for their work to published with their given name and age on the Write On website
2. By submitting, writers will agree to record and submit a podcast of themselves reading their work by the deadline. ( You will need to download the free app Community Vox Pop Studio to do this. It's a really simple process.)
3. If selected, writers may choose to submit an image to accompany their writing. This may be a photo or image that they have permission to use. If no image is supplied our team will select an appropriate image.
4. Writers will agree not to submit their piece elsewhere before September 20th 2020
5. Writers will retain copyright of their own work. If you subsequently publish elsewhere we would like you to acknowledge first publication on our site and the support you received from our tutors.
Please check that you have read the requirements for publication and permissions above: *
Please send the submission form to this email address (optional) N.B. submissions open June 8
Please send the link to writing prompts to this email address (optional)
Please send information on the ZOOM Writers' Studios to be held in July to this email address (optional)
Please note that we are looking for authentic and diverse voices. We are not seeking formulaic or 'perfect' writing. If your young writer has a story to tell, then we will help them to take this to the page and to the airwaves.
Thank you for helping give voice to your young writers.
We appreciate the work of teachers, coaches and whanau as well as the support of Copyright Licensing Trust and Plains FM in bringing this project to fruition.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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