WJHS Athletics Conduct Form
Your child has expressed an interest in participating in the Wilmette Junior High Interscholastic Sports Program. We are thrilled that he/she is interested in participating this year and in representing Wilmette Junior High School.

There are three seasons of sports at Wilmette Junior High School -- Fall, Winter, and Spring. Our teams will have practices or games scheduled every day after school during the season. While we recognize that there may be occasional, unavoidable conflicts that may require a player to miss practice or a game, it is only fair to the team, and the individual, that athletes attend all practices and games. Please consider other commitments carefully before making the decision to be a part of the WJHS athletic program.

Students must be passing all classes to participate. If at anytime during the season a student falls at or below a 59% in any class, he/she is deemed ineligible until that grade is a 60% or higher. This means the student is not allowed to practice or play until the student is back in good standing. Additionally, athletes need to be in school for at least half the day to participate in that night’s practice or game. They will need to participate fully in their Physical Education class to participate, as well.

For additional information on teams, schedules, and contact information for coaches and the Athletic Director, please check the Athletic website at: http://wjhs.wilmette39.org/students/athletics

All coaches, regardless of the sport, will be told that any athlete who exhibits signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion shall be immediately removed from the contest and shall not return to play until cleared by an appropriate health care professional.

Expectations for Parents: Parents are expected to do the following:-Support student athletes in meeting all team and school commitments.-Act as a role model in upholding the ideal of good manners and sportsmanship.-Treat officials and coaches with respect.-Keep communication open, appropriate, and respectful with all constituencies.- Model positive communication and interaction with all coaches, officials and adults.- Commit to acting in a safe, fair, and respectful playing and learning environment.- Honor and respect “home team” school rules and expectations.- Be HUMBLE IN VICTORY AND STEADFAST in defeat.

Expectations for Student-Athletes: Student athletes are expected to do the following:- Honor their commitment to being a student first.- Represent the school, team, self at all times, on and off the court/field, in a positive, safe manner.- Give their best at all times and be knowledgeable about the rules.- Honor their commitment to the team and school.- Be respectful and courteous to all players, coaches, and officials at all times.- Develop and maintain a healthy and positive well being.- Maintain communication with coaches and other school personnel and self-advocate regarding academics and athletic participation.-Honor and respect “home team” school rules and expectations.- Be HUMBLE IN VICTORY AND STEADFAST in defeat.

Finally, the athletic programs at WJHS are fee-based programs. Fees are set depending on the expenses incurred during a particular sport. Please check the website for the fee rate of the sport in which your child is participating. Thank you for supporting our programs and the student athletes who participate in them.

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