Suggest a Food Scrap Drop-Off Site
This survey is to connect QBG with potential sites interested in hosting a food scrap drop off (FSDO). If you know of a location that would be perfect or are a site interested in hosting a FSDO please submit your info here and we will contact you within the week!
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What is your name?
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Name of the potential FSDO site
Is the potential FSDO site a:
Address of the potential FSDO site
What role(s) are you/the host site able to play as the FSDO?
What day(s) work best to host an FSDO?
What physical or social resources do you already have? (ex. storage space, volunteers, space to process compost)
What do you still need? (ex. hauling food waste, technical assistance to build compost bins, technical assistance to learn how to compost, help to grow volunteers, etc.)
Not sure what it looks like to host a FSDO, here are some examples
Sites can host unattended bins
QBG will provide all FSDOs with Signage, bins, choppers, and technical assistance
All Food Scrap Drop Off Sites need a trash bin to divert plastic from compost bins
Volunteers are integral to teach community members about the program, how to compost, and what happens to our food scraps.
FSDO set up can look different depending on the host site!
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