Suyi's Street Squad: Invitation to Join
Thank you for taking the first step toward joining this super-exclusive group of supporters! If you don't know the work of Suyi Davies Okungbowa, you can start by either reading his debut godpunk novel, DAVID MOGO, GODHUNTER (available everywhere books are sold), or his collection of super-free short stories, which you can find at


By joining and participating in this group, you'll receive exclusive group-member-only benefits such as:

- Opportunities to read Suyi's forthcoming BEFORE publication (including this one!)
- First access to advance readers copies once they launch
- Shoutouts/thank yous in book acknowledgements
- Exclusive excerpts from future books etc.
- Quid-pro-quo promotion of members' businesses/work on Suyi's own channels
- Printable bonus book content (e.g. artworks, maps, bookmarks etc).
- Other intermittent freebie rewards for your participation, such as street team badge of honour, t-shirts, etc.


But before you sign up, you'd like to know what you'd need to do as a street squad member, right? Simple! It's stuff you've already been doing, like:

- Leaving reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, social media, personal blogs, etc
- Sharing reviews and buzz about Suyi's books on social media
- Gushing about Suyi's books on social media (with cool photos!)
- Word-of-mouth promotion – talking about/recommending Suyi's books to EVERYONE
- Suggesting Suyi's books to book clubs, book blogs, etc
- Requesting Suyi's books at libraries and bookstores
- Referrals (you could lend someone your copy of any of Suyi's books, and if they love it, invite them to join the group!)

Does this sound like something you'd love to do? Brilliant! Enter your information here, and you'll receive an invite link to the SECRET & EXCLUSIVE group, stat!

See you there!

- Suyi.
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